Friday, August 17, 2012

NEWS: DESPAIR (Bandung) goes on tour in September with UNDERGOD and releases new EP (BUSUK sponsor)

Bandung death-metal band DESPAIR from Ujung Berung has been around for a few years now. Although it has appeared on Bandung death-metal compilation albums the band has yet to reach the high levels of popularity enjoyed by Bandung's legendary acts such as BLEEDING CORPSE, DISINFECTED, JASAD, and UNDERGOD. This may change soon as DESPAIR will release a new EP and will tour with UNDERGOD in September. Deang (bassist) of DESPAIR told me he dreams to have a fanbase as dedicated as the UNDERGOD fans. BUSUK WEBZINE will sponsor the new EP from DESPAIR.
DESPAIR band contact: Deang (bass),

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