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Here one great deathcore/hardcore band from Paris/France...’CHABTAN’. They just released new EP 2012 with 8 track include one intro and one outro. The new EP is very great, very ambitious and also good sound. The concept of music about myths and legends of meso-american culture. Their music is not only focus only for one genre but they’re trying to combined some genre for their music and it’s really awesome. Well….this time they ‘re just replied my interview for Busuk webzine. And let’s read it now …..

Hi Dimitri, how are you ? John Yoedi here. I hope you are well there. Thank you for taking some time and agreeing to this interview with Busuk Webzine. Kieran James (Australia) and I share for this blog. So, how are things going for ‘CHABTAN’ camp at the moment ?

Dimitri : Nice to meet you too man, Chabtan is fine, happy and proud to answer your questions.
Otherwise, everything is going well for us right now because we only have good feedback on our songs, so everything is for the best.

JY : Could you start out by saying a little about CHABTAN, as a lot of people probably haven’t heard of you yet ?

Dimitri : CHABTAN is a deathcore metalcore from Paris !
If we want to do a modern, violent but melodic music, we also would have a concept around us.
This of mesoamerican mythologies. It's a very rich and complex culture with violent and bloody legends which feed our lyrics, grafisms and atmospheres in our music.

JY : You guys just finished New EP ‘Eleven’ 2012. How is it received by fans/media so far ?

Dimitri : For the moment we have some good reviews, especially by south american webzines and fanzines because of our concept about mesoamerican mythology and we are very proud of this. We hope find a label as soon as possible ;)

JY: For a new EP, It certainly seems (and sounds) very ambitious with 8 tracks include one intro and one outro, and I can say here awesome Ep from your band. How long did it take you to complete this offering ?

Dimitri : In fact we have all recording at home, by our own. So we decided to take our time to present an EP as good as possible, without pressure. Recording lasted one year. But songs are written since 2 or 3 years.

JY : Did you satisfy with the production and sound for your new Ep ? And how did you get such a great sound ?

Dimitri : Of course, for a first EP recorded at home, we are very satisfied.
We recorded everything in our home studio. We entrusted mix and mastering to Andrew Guillotin, a french sound Engineer specialized on metal music who had work with metal bands in our style like THE ARRS, AS THEY BURN, THE BRIDAL PROCESSION. Without him, we do not have this sound.
But that's sure, next album will be recorded in a metal studio!

JY : Who did compose the music and the lyrics ?

Dimitri : Well, music and lyrics are composed by Jean-Philippe and me, the two guitarists. We have found a good balance, Jean-Phillipe bring the violence and fast riffs and me, the melodic side of our music.

JY : As we know, deathcore is an extreme metal fusion music genre, and combines some elements of death metal, metalcore or hardcore or both. Its defined by an excessive use death metal riffs,blast beats and hardcore punk breakdowns. Would you like to describe the bands sound ? And what bands influence your sound mainly ?

Dimitri : Our influences are several. We didn't want to be put in one category, so we composed without asking questions or get limit. We just wanted to bring a good balance between violence, speed and melody.
Mainly, bands who influence our sound are Slipknot, Arch Enemy, Chimaira, In Flames, Whitechapel, Job for a cowboy, Metallica! And more...

JY : Mostly in deathcore, they’re usually growls and screaming vocals and also clean vocals. Would you like to describe Christopher vocals style. What kind of vocals does he use ? And what bands influence his vocal style ?

Dimitri : Cristofer is a very good and polyvalent singer, so we decided to use many voices; growls for the death side of our music, screams for the black side and clean voices for the melodic side.

JY : What do you think of the current Metal scene in Paris/France ? What bands do you like and dislike ?

Dimitri : There are many good french metal bands in France and a good public even if metal music is not fairly distributed. We have some death metal, black metal, hardcore metal band we like as GOJIRA, DAGOBA, THE ARRS, BLACK BOMB A, AS THEY BURN. I advise you to listen it if you don't know!! ;)
I’ don't specially dislike a band, maybe some bands are not the kind of metal I prefer, but they’re good in their styles.

JY : Are there any big metal fest in Paris/France nowadays ?

Dimitri :Yeah!!! The ‘HELLFEST’. It's a metal fest which emerged recently and which created some controversy because metal music is taboo in France. But this fest grows each year and this year we could see Megadeth, Ozzy, machine Head, Slash and more!! ;)
There are others fests like MOTOCULTOR, METALLURGICALES, PARIS EXTREME FEST, but the HELLFEST is the bigest for the moment and it’s bigger every year.

JY : It’s not secret that the members in the band have broad taste in music. Just to see where you’re coming from. I was wondering if you could like a few albums, Metal or not, that have made a lengthy impression on you as a person ?

Dimitri : There are so many albums I like and had made a lenghty impression of me, some kinds of album I listen so many times.
First, the albums of METALLICA, specially Master of Puppets and The Black Album, for the riffs, melody, songwritting, lyrics.
But there are many albums that i'll listen all my life as “nevermind” by NIRVANA which is a masterpiece, “OK Computer” by RADIOHEAD, “Antichrist superstar” by MANSON, “Appetite for destuction” by GN'R, “Cowboy from hell” by PANTERA, “Metropolis part 2” by DREAM THEATRE for examples.

JY : What is gears do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ?

Dimitri : Yes we use same gear on stage and for the recordings. We play on ESP and LTD guitars, and for the amp we play on MESA BOOGIE and PEAVEY. We use too SKULL STRINGS for the guitar strings, we are endorsed by them ;)

JY : Just a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ? Beside that, we always trying to do some update news and we also have 2 different language, English language and Indonesian language.

Dimitri : To be honest with you, I still do not know for the moment BUSUK WEBZINE, but it seems to be good, because you speak about the Indonesian metal scene and bands of all over the world, and it’s a good think for bands to diffuse their music. I saw on website there are many metal fest in Indonesia, so certainly a good metal scene. And two versions with different languages is a good thing to make BUSUK webzine famous not only in Indonesia. (JY : Thanks man J )

JY : Well, I want to talking a bit about your as personally now. When do you started or choose to play metal music ? And which band inspired you back in the day to start ?

Dimitri : Well, personnally I decided to do music, play guitar and make hair grow in 1994, to the death of Kurt Cobain which was a very big shoke for me. But i fastly fall in love with metal with METALLICA and the Black Album! I discovered Megadeth, Sepultura, Pantera, and more recently, all the deathcore scene.

JY : For you personally, who are the major influence on you as a guitarist ? Which kind of guitarist do you prefer ?

Dimitri : My major influences are ZAKK WYLDE, SLASH, KIRK HAMMETT, JOHN PETRUCCI or AMOTT brothers. They are excellents guitarists who can mix violent and heavy riffs with perfect melody, which is, for me, the best quality for a metal guitarist.

JY : What are your plans for the immediate future? Touring? Working on a new album?

Dimitri : Yes, in a first time we have to present and defend our EP on stage, in France and Europe. After that we will record our first album, which is already composed ;)
We are very impatient of that!

JY : Well, many thanks for your time and support. Best of luck with the new Ep and also for CHABTAN. Is there anything else you would like to add here ?

Dimitri : I want to thank you for the interview, it was a real pleasure, i salute the Indonesian metal scene and Busuk Webzine.
I hope one day we play in your country, keep support CHABTAN!!!

Here some link of their band and don’t forget to visit it :

(Interviewed by : John Yoedi, October 13, 2012)

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