Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEWS / WARNING: Do not buy new KISS album "Monster" - Ace Frehley and Peter Criss do not play on this album

The real Space Ace Mr Ace Frehley. The current Space Ace in KISS is a fake called Tommy Thayer
NEWS: The new KISS album has been released around the world called "Monster". We do not recommend you buy this album. Gene Simmons is continuing to cheat and disrespect KISS fans and the music public because the people now wearing the Space Ace and Cat costumes and makeup are Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. These are fakes, frauds, and impostors. The real Space Ace will always be Ace Frehley and the real Cat will always be Peter Criss.

I politely ask Gene Simmons to invent new personas for Thayer and Singer. He is hoping new fans or casual fans of KISS do not realize Frehley and Criss are out of the band. Thayer and Singer should have new personas in the same way that the beloved Eric Carr (REST IN PEACE) wore the fox makeup.

Do not buy the new KISS album Monster. Instead I recommend you buy Ace Frehley's brilliant 2009 solo album Anomoly and his approved licensed autobiography No Regrets. I also recommend the great KISS albums made during the years 1974-89.

Best wishes to you in this metal age!
Kieran James.

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