Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NEWS: Willy Damien (UMBRA MORTIS) forms new death-metal band BESTIARY LUST to play in the VADER style

Jakarta shred heroes: Willy Damien & Erick Mortis (UMBRA MORTIS)
Facebook message from Willy Damien (UMBRA MORTIS):

"I left Fromhell band.. will make a new band with umbra mortis' crews .. death metal.. hmm maybe sounding like vader.. jakarta has many brutal and technical bands.. I will make the simple death metal.

I don't have the vocalist yet, but at least I will start the music first, and

I only have 2 songs for now, just a sample concept.. but today will record the 3rd... and then go to jammin or practice with the drummer, bassist and the rhythm guitarist".

For a copy of song MP3s contact Willy Damien on Facebook.

Willy Damien will continue also to play with UMBRA MORTIS.

UMBRA MORTS live in Bulungan, 30 September 2012

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