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POWER-METAL INTERVIEW: Dinno Alexia (LENTERA drummer) talks with Dimas Bramantyo (VALERIAN) live from Surabaya Power Metal Kingdom (East Java)

Lentera (Surabaya) Interview with Dinno Alexia – Drummer Of Lentera
By: Dimas Bramantyo (guitarist, VALERIAN)
Terimakasih Dimas for supplying this interview to BUSUK WEBZINE.

1.    Dimas: Hi, how are you? Thank you for willing to be interviewed by busukwebzine

        Dinno: Alhamdullilah, we are very very great.

2.    Let’s start, how about the history of Lentera and please tell us the story up until you reached this last line-up?

The history of Lentera began in 2002, founded by DINNO ALEXIA (Bass), RONALD A. (Guitars), TOTO (Guitars), AZITU KLAMAR'AT (Vocals),    RONNY CARNAGE (Drums) with the name of GUARDIAN ANGEL in       Surabaya. We played and performed many cover songs from Helloween, Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Skidrow, Iron Maiden, SteelHeart, etc until in 2003 we changed our name to RATOS DE POVA and we had an invitation to play a concert in TIMOR LESTE to participate in the first TIMOR LESTE independence day. After that we changed the name into UNICORN and in 2004 we recorded four songs but ultimately the band did not do well, because of differences in vision and mission. From 2005 until 2006 the band did not operate. Finally in 2007 we changed the name into LENTERA with the line-up of HUZNY MCKINLEY (Vocals), R.TEPE WIJOYO (Guitars, Ex-Piknik) and IMAM MALVIANS (Bass Ex- Stranger). LENTERA means light philosophy/ new shades on rock music, which later hopefully can encourage rock and metal people especially in Surabaya...We call our music “Harmony Speed Metal”. Warna musik Lentera is much influenced by European bands such as: Helloween, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Stratovarious, Shaman, Angra, Dragon Force, etc with this new line-up. Finally in December 2010 we released our first album called “LIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE”. This album has 11 songs: 1 Interlude Sanggramawijaya (Kings of Majapahit), 2 Mouth of Fire, 3 Cinta Biru (Blue Love), 4 Interlude Parameswari (Queen), 5 Dewi Impian (Goddess of Dreamer), 6 Kutunggu Disini (I Waited Here), 7 Cermin Kegelapan (Mirror of Darkness), 8 Interlude Prajadna Paramitha (Queen Of Majapahit), 9 Bidadari Malam (Fairy Night), 10 Interlude DEWATANAWASANGA (Symbol of Majapahit) and 11 Hingga Akhir Zaman (The End of The Age). This album was re-released on April 2011. This album has the theme of the culture and history of the Majapahit Kingdom, which was formerly a large and famous kingdom.

3.    How do you explain your music style?

Our music is Speed Power Metal with lyrical themes about ethnicity/ culture and history of Majapahit Kingdom and of course LENTERA has a hope to be a big band and famous because of our songs.

4.    Are your songs inspired by other bands? Tell me which other bands?
Yes, of course. We have influences from many European bands such as: Helloween, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Stratovarious, Shaman, Angra, Dragon Force, Insania, Heavenly, Lost Horizon ,etc.

5.   Why did you and the other members choose Power Speed Metal music rather than Death Metal? Because as we know right now in Indonesia - and maybe in the whole world - death metal is better known?
We are happy with power metal music because this music though fierce is still easy listening and has harmony so we can enjoy the rhythm and song lyrics.

6.   Lentera released one album called “Light The Universe”, can you tell me about the material, content and the process?

    We released our first album called “LIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE”. The process for this album was a long story because we worked on this album from 2007 until 2010.

7.   Ok, now I will introduce our favorites game we often do for busukwebzine interviews. You can only pick/ answer one. Helloween or Iron Maiden?


8.   Number Of the Beast or Powerslave?


9.   Walls Of  Jericho or Keeper Of The Seven Keys?

      Walls Of Jericho

10.  Tobbias Sammeth or Andy Derris?

      Andy Derris.

11. Can you tell us other Indonesian bands who play power metal music?

  I know some bands who play power metal music such as VALERIAN,            DEVAROCK, VALHALLA, ARCH ANGEL,etc.

12. Thank you for giving up your time to do this interview with busukwebzine…I hope we can  meet this year. Regards \m/

     You're welcome, brother. I hope this interview can be useful for Power Metal Music Fans. We hope and pray BUSUKWEBZINE can be the home-base for Power Metal Fans and will always have success in the future...Regards, Metal Till Die!

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