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INTERVIEW with MELODIUS DEITE (Thailand power-metal warriors), by Dimas Bramantyo (VALERIAN guitarist)

Thank you very much Biggie (Guitarist of Melodius Deite – Power Metal From Thailand)  for agreeing to do interview with our website Let’s start with the questions:

Dimas Bramantyo: 1. I already heard Melodius Deite songs and they are amazing. I really appreciate your work, First tell us the band history, and the band line-up?

MELODIUS DEITE: Melodius Deite was founded by Me Biggie P. Phanrath (Guitar & Keyboards) and Bookkie P. Phanrath (Drums) then Oatdy P. Keartpanich (Guitar) joined the band and later Ake N. Keartpanich (Vocals) and Ohm S. Dejkong (Bass) joined the band. So we’re all friends and brothers, for example me and Oatdy we’re very close friends since we were children. At first the band also was well known as Melodius, but now we changed the name to Melodius Deite. So our first album “Dream On” was released in the name of Melodius, but some day in the future we will re-release our first album “Dream On” in the name of Melodius Deite.
Current Band Line-Up:
Biggie P. Phanrath: Guitar & Keyboards
Oatdy P. Keartpanich: Guitar
Ake N. Keartpanich: Vocals
Ohm S. Dejkong: Bass
Bookkie P. Phanrath: Drums

DB: 2. How do you describe your music, are you influenced by specific bands? How would you describe your sound?

MD: Melodius Deite is a symphonic melodic progressive power metal band; so many bands have influenced us such as Angra, Symphony X, Elegy, Rhapsody of Fire, SunCaged, Dream Theater, Magnitude 9, Adagio, Ring of Fire, Shadow Gallery, Shaman, Stratovarius, Warmen, Thy Majestie, Majestic, Heavenly, Nightwish, Pain of Salvation, Edguy, Artension, Dark Moor, Liquid Tension Experiment, Sonata Arctica, Dionysus, Stramonio, Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Mr.Big and more! And our sound is Symphonic Metal with epic stories (something like watching movies such as the Lord of the Rings but we have our own story for example our first album “Dream On” is Episode One and then our 2nd album will be Episode Two). We have powerful dynamic, progressive elements, nice melody, unique arrangement, unique vocal harmony, very high voice, a lot of guitar work and the most important point is every part, every line, every instrument is equal to each other! But you will see our unique style in our 2nd album, so this album will tell you what Melodius Deite really is all about!

DB: 3. Tell me about your band equipment? Any special Stuff there? Something special that makes the characteristic of Melodius Deite?

MD: Nothing special about our equipment, but of course we use the world standard equipment for our 2nd album such as good sound card, good recording stuff. So the real things that makes the characteristics of Melodius Deite are the ways we compose and arrange our music, the way we play, and the stories we put in our music.

DB: 4. Why did you choose to play Power Metal? Because In the world right now Power Metal is not the most popular scene of metal right? And do you think in Thailand Power Metal can be the most popular Thailand Metal Scene?

MD: We chose to play Power Metal because we love it! And I hope that Power Metal will be the most popular in the Thailand Metal Scene. But in fact I must say I hope that every kind of music that has good composing, arranging, and good playing skill will get more popular in Thailand such as Classical, Jazz, Fusion, New Age, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, and Power Metal.

DB: 5. I heard Melodius Deite will re-release the first album? Is it correct? Tell us about the process, concept, and distribution and when will it be released?

MD: Ok, first I must say our first album is Dream On, this time we will release the 2nd album. So now we’re doing the mastering process. We have finished all artwork and booklet stuff. And the 2nd album is the sequel of the 1st album. it is about the story of the Nameless Novelist (a man on the front cover of the 1st album) who’s sailed around the world. So we can not confirm the release date right now and you will know about the distribution when the 2nd album is released.

DB: 6. Do you have a most valuable experience in Show/Gigs/Concert? Tell Me about that.

MD: I think we appreciate every gig we played.

DB: 7. Ok, Now we have a little game Called Favorites. (You Just Choose One Answer) Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

Judas Priest! (And I have Melodius Deite cover of "Painkiller" for you!)

DB: 8. Number of the Beast or Powerslave?

MD: The Number of the Beast.

DB: 9. Screaming For Vengeance or British Steel?

MD: British Steel.

DB: 10. Luca Turilli or Gus G?

MD: Luca Turilli.

DB: 11. Can you tell about the other bands in Thailand playing Power Metal? or maybe In Thailand do you have some community of Power Metal Bands?

MD: I know one band that plays Power Metal and has released CDs called Nathania, so in Thailand we have a community of Power Metal Bands, but not a big society, very few Power Metal Concerts in Thailand, so I love Thailand, but I must say Thailand is not the place for good Metal Music or good Metal bands! So Metal music is not popular in this country.
Thank You So Much For interviewing me. And if you want to know more about Melodius Deite please follow these links

[Interview by Dimas Bramantyo, posted by Kieran James.]


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