Wednesday, December 26, 2012

INTERVIEW: My interview with Jalon McKinnon (vocalist, DEAD EYES, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia metalcore)

SKULLPHUCK (Toowoomba)
Kieran James1: First of all can you tell us about what A SLOW DESCENT is doing and why you chose to move on from DEAD EYES?
Jalon McKinnon: A Slow Descent is a metal core / electronica project. I moved from Dead by Dawn (now DEAD EYES) because I didn't like what we had become.
2 What are your goals and plans for A SLOW DESCENT?
JM: Pretty much to release our ep and get back to our metal roots and just have fun with music again. 
3 Tell us about what happened when you applied to be new vocalist for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.
JM: No comment.
4 Give us your three favourite all-time metal or metalcore albums
JM: Bring me the Horizon, Crucify; I killed the Prom Queen, Bet it all on Black; Asking Alexandria, Reckless and Relentless.
5 What does it take to be a great metalcore singer?
JM: Practice a lot.
6 What is your comment on the new KORN album?
JM: It's lacking ...not what it used to be and it's kind of sad.
7 What is your comment on the Toowoomba metal scene at the moment?
JM: It's coming back again - and that's good to see.
AS OCEANS DIE (Toowoomba metalcore)
8 What is your comment on the band SKULLPHUCK?
JM:  A lot of promise, they just need to stick to it and maybe get an EP out. 
9 What is your comment on the band AS OCEANS DIE?
JM: They are good but they just lack diversity.
10 What are some great Toowoomba bands of the past 5 years who have moved away or taken a break?
JM:  Too many to really list.
11 Have you had a look at BUSUK WEBZINE and if yes have you any comments or suggestions?
JM: It's good, got a great metal feel about it, keep it up.
[Note that Jalon is now back as lead vocalist with DEAD EYES as at 7 November 2013].

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