Thursday, December 20, 2012

INTERVIEW: Still running to paradise: My interview with Sarah Jane Edwards, vocalist for ZENITH (traditional metal, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia)

Zenith, With Sarah Jane Edwards on vox and Rebecca Dwyer on guitar (+ 3 guys too)

ZENITH is a covers band that plays first-class covers of songs by IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MOTORHEAD, etc. They are based in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. Sarah's son was in the same class as my eldest daughter in school in 2012! Rock on metal mums! - Kieran James.

Kieran James: 1 First of all can you please tell us about the history of the band and the reunion.

Sarah Jane Edwards: Ok question 1. Bec, Steve and I are musicians, music metal lovers from way back. We were brought back together a year ago at a party. Aidan was playing bass. Cam drummer of Steve's. Universe threw us all back in to the mix. We decided to take control of the music for the reunion, but along the way we become way more than our reunion band. Zenith evolved and here we are loving what we do.

2 Can the members tell us when you first got into metal and what were your favourite bands?

Q 2- I started listening to metal age 10. Bec and Steve were born metal!!! Aidan very young( cool dad syndrome). Cam an early age too. Obviously early loves were metallica, dio, megadeth, anthrax, slayer, twisted sister, anvil, kiss, motley crue. Probably too many to fit on this page.

3 The songs you play by MAIDEN and early METALLICA include quite complex sections. How often do you practice these?

Q3. Steve is a magician, and plays maiden, metallica flawlessly. We all bring something special to the jam room. We concentrate and work really hard to have it sounding tight. We practice once during the week, and put in huge hours on the weekend. Just did paranoid by Sabbath today....

4 What are your goals and dreams for the band?

Q4. We are passionate about doing covers and doing them well. Ultimately pub gigs are our focus, and some $$$ would be good. Original songs are the next step. We already have a stockpile of lyrics to work with. I have some original electronic songs on jjj unearthed as well. Our dream is to keep the energy and love of what we do going. Jamming makes all of us happy. What is better than that??

5 You play a lot of 1980s classics and obviously you love that era of metal as I do too. What do you think of more modern metal such as black-metal, metalcore and New Wave of American Heavy Metal?

Q5..We are very open minded about all music regardless of era. We try to absorb it all. Become well rounded. But you always refer to the classics. A tribute band would be brilliant!! "Set it up Kieran".

6 I wrote in my show review you guys could form a MAIDEN or METALLICA tribute band and tour down south. Is this something attractive or possible? I'm not aware of a MAIDEN tribute band in Australia...

Q6 - A tribute band would be brilliant!! "Set it up Kieran".

7 How would you feel about a underground tour of Indonesia? They love their metal history over there and are very knowledgeable. They wiould love your band. I could possibly help set this up for you.

Q7- Definitely a future idea. Working band holiday, surf trip?? I wouldn't rule it out. It sounds amazing. It would be an incredible experience. If you can get me out of the surf to sing I'm in.

8 What jobs do the band members do outside of metal?

Q8- Aidan is in hospitality. Bec I.t at u.s.q. and super mum. I am a mum of four super mum. I am a qualified preschool.teacher. cam works for suncorp. Steve- guitar teacher, group leader, guitar maker, Mr mum, Mr fix everything rad dude!!!

9 Have you got any other cover songs planned? I can suggest a few including "Denim and Leather" by SAXON and"Rock You Like a Hurricance" and "Bad Boys Running Wild" by SCORPIONS.

Q9. Just ripped and gripped paranoid black Sabbath. Totally nailing master of puppets. We are doing one new song per week. Small break for stressmas, than back even meaner. Love to do rock you like a hurricane. Limitless really. Thanks Kieran.

10 Have you had a look at BUSUK WEBZINE and have you got any comments or suggestions for us (Kieran, John & Popo)

Q10 - Yes we have checked out busuk. Fantastic.

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