Thursday, December 13, 2012

NEWS: Love and respect to the street punks of Jakarta, we are all we have

Love and respect to the street punks of Jakarta!
On 26 November 2012 I was staying in Mangga Dua, Jakarta and I met a street punk wearing CASUALTIES punk battle jacket directing traffic for tips. We had a chat, he left the job, and we went in to the Alfa Mart (local Indonesian version of a 7-11 store) to buy beers for the crew. Eight of us (seven guys and a chick) sat on the footpath, backs up against the wall (that's a RANCID song title), drinking Bintang beers, and singing songs. Then we had some nasi goreng (fried rice) at the nearby roadside stall. One of the older punks tried to sell me his porno-infested mobile phone. No, mate, you keep it. Then the guys had to say "goodbye Mister" and go back to their work. It was a great time and to the sad old men giving us evil stares we don't care about you. As I walked away from the punks up another street I thought I saw Sid Vicious' ghost in the shadows. And yes he was smiling. Then I looked again and he was gone. London must have been calling him - or perhaps it was Nancy who was calling!...In the west the punks may talk the talk but in Jakarta they walk the walk. This is real life out there. "We are all we have" is not just a song, it is for real. Love and respect!
- By Kieran James, 14 December 2012

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