Tuesday, January 29, 2013

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bobby Rock speaks with Busuk Webzine about why he left BLEEDING CORPSE and his exciting plans for the future with HYDRO

Mr and Mrs Bobby and Popo
1 Kieran James: Why did u leave Bleeding Corpse?
2 What are your new bands or projects?
3 Has BC got a new vocalist?

4 How is your relationship to BC members now?
5 what is your message to metal fans?

1. Bobby Rock: I had complicated problems, hopefully it was the best choice I ever made.

2.Yes I have a band...named "HYDRO".

3.I don't know...but rumors says BC have a new vocalist, his name is Yadi "Behom" from Rottenatomy but I'm still not sure [whether] he's fixed new vocalist or just additional. Maybe you had better ask BC members.

4.It's same I think,nothing changes, we had the same ghetto, we grew up together, but [as for being] partners in the band it's over.

5.Keep it grind till' death, grind everyday, gore anywhere, brutal everywhere.... I'm still alive, I'm still Bobrockiller...who will kick your fuckin' ears with my fuckin' new band!!!

Kieran James' comment: Best wishes and love to Bobby Rock and Popo from Busuk Webzine! Long live HYDRO! 

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  1. http://hydroofficial.net/2013/04/01/bobby-pamungkas-dan-agus-solihin-siap-mengeber-album-ep-hydro/

    Yeaarrrgghhh, Bob real damn rocks!