Sunday, January 6, 2013

NEWS: Bon Scott (AC/DC) statue to be built in Kirriemuir, Scotland

NEWS: Finally a statue of the late AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott will be erected (he would have loved that double-meaning) in his birth-place Kirriemuir, in the highlands of Scotland. It always takes a long time for heavy-metal stars to get the recognition they deserve from the authorities. There is also a statue of Bon Scott on the Fremantle waterfront in Perth, Australia.

About Bon Scott's early years: 

Ronald Belford Scott was born on 9 July 1946 at the Fyfe Jamieson Maternity Hospital, Forfar, Scotland to Charles Belford Scott ("Chick") and Isabelle Cunningham Mitchell ("Isa"), and grew up in Kirriemuir. A younger brother Derek was born in 1949. The Scott family emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1952 where they initially lived in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine. It was at Sunshine Primary School that he received his nickname; there was already a classmate with the name Ronald and as he had recently arrived from Bonnie Scotland he was dubbed "Bon" and the name stuck. A second brother, Graeme, was born in 1953. Bon was the oldest of Derek, Graeme, and Valerie. Bon did have an older brother born before him named Sandy Scott, but he died shortly after birth.
In 1956, the family moved to Fremantle, Western Australia, and Bon joined the associated Fremantle Scots Pipe Band, learning the drums

AC/DC around 1974-75: Phil Rudd, Mark Evans, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Bon Scott

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