Sunday, January 13, 2013

NEWS: Vocalist Bobby Rock leaves BLEEDING CORPSE (Ujungbronx, Bandung brutal death-metal) (open this page for great Bobby Rock pictures onstage and offstage)

Bobby Rock and John Yoedi (Busuk) in Ujungbronx, East Bandung
NEWS: Vocalist Bobby Rock leaves BLEEDING CORPSE (Bandung brutal death-metal). Busuk Webzine wishes Bobby best wishes for his future metal music career!
Bobby Rock, Popo, Butche, Man (JASAD), Common Room
PERSIB TILL DIE: Kieran & John (Busuk), Iwan (ESP), Bobby
Bobby Rock & Abaz (JASAD / UNDERGOD), Extend Studio, Ujungbronx
Bobby & Kieran (Busuk), Ujungbronx
Kieran & John (Busuk), Popo (DEMONS DAMN), Bobby, Rockstar shop, Bandung
Mr and Mrs Bobby Rock, underground & nasi goreng till die
Bobby Rock, Alfamart till die!
Bobby onstage with Luk Luk and Uus Death, BLEEDING CORPSE show at Cibinong, 8 October 2011
Daniel (TURBIDITY / BLEEDING CORPSE) & Bobby, Extend Studio, Ujungbronx
The original BLEEDING CORPSE, Luk Luk, Ari Bejo, Uus Death, Bobby, Cibinong, 8 October 2011
BDMS meets Black Mass: Bobby Rock, John (Busuk), Abah "Desecrator" Supriyanto (IMPISH), Bandung
John, Bobby, Popo

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  1. Yes, he is. Now he's ready to blown away the scene with HYDRO. or