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INTERVIEW: Our interview with BEDAARAH, young guns from Samarinda, East Borneo (English version)

BedaArah is one of the death metal bands from edge city Samarinda. The band which consists of 5people and still relatively young try to play death metal music. However, skill and they play can’t be underestimated. And they are now trying to finalize Promo Album who was quite completed in the near future. They performance on the show ‘Sound Of Militant’ last week kept me coming with head banging hahaha and also want to know information about this band. And, my chance to interview them can finally be done at this time. Ok this interview I am with you guys ... please refer BedaArah:

John Yoedi: Hello buddy, how are you? Thanks for your supports for BUSUK WEBZINE and have been willing to do the interview. I and Kieran James (Australia) share in this blog. Ok, what have you done for the time being?

BedaArah: Hello mas Yoedi, hello BUSUK WEBZINE, hello too Sir Kieran James hehehe. Yaaa, thanks a lot too bro. For the moment we again prepare material for EP ALBUM (promo). Possibility after Lebaran (Ied Fitry) began to enter the Recording.

JY: Your band formed in 2010 and is arguably the new band entered the world of death metal stage. Can you tell me about current member from BEDAARAH? And, do you believe the current formation will be more solid and long-lasting, because before you had experienced mutually personnel.

BedaArah: Yep, BedaaraH formed year end 2010. In the first formation Can (gitar), Bagus (drum), Alpi (pasir berbisik) for bass/vokal and at that time our name is not BEDAARAH, but BEDARAH hahahaha. Shortly after BEDAARAH formed Alpi (pasir berbisik) resign. So the formation after it Can (gitar), Bagus (drum), Philip (bass), Angga (vokal). Can, Bagus, Aldi, Angga---Can, Bagus, Pendy, Piras, Dwik---and the formation still same until today hahaha, Can (gitar), Bagus (drum), Piras (gitar), Hery (bass), Dwik (vocal), with passion and attitude, we’re believe with this formation today !! hahaha

JY: Your band performance at ‘Sound Of Militant’ a couple of weeks very awesome and I like to see your performance at that. As the audience enthusiastic at the time very brutal. Especially when your bring cover song ‘Kafir’ from Nile….so perfect. How do you impress after appearing on the show?

BedaArah: Previous thank you for Balikpapan metalheads, wildddd hahaha. Far from perfect from uncle Karl sanders, Dallas Toler, George Kollias, Chris Lollis…hehehe. Happy and of course have new experience, because this is the first time we played at Balikpapan hehehehe.

JY: How you describe about BEDAARAH to your music? Will you describe it more technical death metal or?

Bedaarah: Hmm, if to technical death metal, I don’t think so. We loved to describe as a death metal.

JY: And can you describe about ‘sound instrument’ and the band that was influenced your music style?

BedaArah: There are in some guitar licks in BedaaraH taking element from ‘Sampeq Dayak’ (harvest dance). Actually it much, but for now we still affected by CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH, NILE, GORGASM, CRYTOPSY, KATAKLYSM, SLAYER etc.

JY: who is the first have idea to form BEDAARAH and decided to play death metal?

BedaArah: Bagus (drummer), because he’s a first who ask to play death metal, then Can (guitarist) realize it and it turns out we fell in love with this music ahahahah luv u full Death Metal!!

JY: After listening 2 song from your website, The resulting sound is very brutal. Did you have a particularity/your own music style than plagiarizing from other bands?

BedaArah: Thanks you had listening hehehe. Actually we’re open mind, so we’re listening any song/band… then realized to be a music that we think Death metal. So we didn’t know who have similar songs hahaha

JY: How many songs have you produced so far? And are there any plans to make a promo album or a full length album in the near future?

BedaArah: there is 6 songs. In the near future we want to create a new album EP contains 4 songs.

JY: And who was responsible for writing the lyrics and arrange your music? What are the things that can provide inspiration in writing song lyrics?

BedaArah: For lyrics and arrangement usually we make together. But Can usually makes the pattern/ framework lyrics and arrangement.Damage to earth, injustice law in this country and relationship of human-Satan-God.

JY: Just a side question. How do you think about Busuk Webzine? In Busuk Webzine we have tried to use two versions of the English language and Bahasa Indonesian.

BedaArah: Busuk Webzine’s cool, top top dah (is a good…) good article and the coolest is the article can read of the Australian hahaha

JY: If you will release the first full length album, are you going to cooperate with labels/records from outside or local? And, which one labels/records that appropriate invite to collaborate?

BedaArah: want outside/local just beat it hahaha. Hmm, the important think the label/records is available hahaha

JY : As we all know, a lot of death metal bands from abroad who do tour / show to Indonesia as Suffocation, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Nile and much more. And it is an honor for all of us because Indonesia has a very much death metal fan base. What is your opinion about this? If one day, is there any hope you can play on the same stage with your band influenced, which band do you want?

BedaArah: Proud outstanding, because Indonesia is also a field of metal bands. Of course there are SLAYER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE.

JY : I have know that in Samarinda this time the  death metal scene has been growing rapidly and often holding various metalfest events made by some event organizers. Do you often follow the development of death metal scene in your city Samarinda? Are there any bands that you can recommend to us who have good prospects for the future?

BedaArah: Samarinda’s have much cool bands, of course supports your local band, till die!! hahaha. Articulomortis, Pasir Berbisik, Der Kaizer, Ortodok, Macrobid much more hahaha if it can please interview all haha.

JY: Ok buddy, thank you so much for taking time to answer interview from us. Always success BEDAARAH. Any last message for all metalheads?

BedaArah : okay, Always success for BUSUK WEBZINE !!God created us with a difference. But the different has burned by the range of metalheads in this archipelago!! yeaah

(Interviewed by : John Yoedi, 14 July 2012)

(Translation oleh Popo, vocalist DEMONS DAMN, Bandung)

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