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INTERVIEW: Our interview with Innu, guitarist of KILLHARMONIC (Kediri Kingdom Death Metal) (English version)

KILLHARMONIC (Indonesia) & INGROWING (Czech Republic)
This picture is dedicated to Harry Garcia of GRAVEYARD RECORDS who had a stroke. The bands wish him full and rapid recovery.

Gambar ini didedikasikan untuk Harry Garcia dari GRAVEYARD RECORDS yang mengalami stroke. Band-band ingin dia sembuh dan segera pulih.

KILLHARMONIC interview with Kieran James & John Yoedi for Busuk Webzine

Kieran James: Hello Innu, what’s up? Thank you very much willing to do an interview with Busuk Webzine. Ok ...there are events are currently in KILLHARMONIC camp?

Pendekar Dawai Berdarah (Innu): Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Hi Kieran. Alhamdulillah good. Also Thank you for the space given. KILLHARMONIC only preparatory cultivation of new materials for the next album.

KJ: KILLHARMONIC is a very old-school band that was formed in 1997. And very awesome KILLHARMONIC until now still active and has produced 3 full length albums. Although it suffered a substitute for personnel but this should not make you discourage. And as a frontman / conceptor of KILLHARMONIC, What your reason still kept active playing music with KILLHARMONIC?

PDB: I love the band and love the extreme music. This band is the distribution of knowledge about the music that I have been able, either from the literature or experience and mistakes. And can be called KILLHARMONIC is me. So about the member changes it's not a big deal. Because almost all the music, my composing.

KJ: All songs on the album have a long duration. And in 2012, you just just put out a promo song entitled ‘Ended and Eliminated’ and this song spent about 7 minute’s duration. Are you sure of the long duration will not make the death freaks boredom or monotony?

PDB: Not all the songs lasted longer, it all depends on your needs and circumstances. Still there is a longer track Self-Destruction which lasted about 9 minutes. Since the sub-genre of Death Metal has been fragmented, then surely we have die-hard fans themselvesi. And I think they like it and enjoy. To them is we aimed our music.

KJ: ‘Human Race Disgrace’ is your last full length album and had vomited in 2010 by Rottrevore Records. F the year 2012, you will also be planning to release a new full length album? And how many are there new song material so far?

PDB: For 2012 are not yet ready for a full-length. Maybe after we finish about 8 songs, then we enter the recording studio for new album. There are about 6 new songs I wrote but everything is still in the format Guitar Pro 5.0. 3 songs which has been used to practice. This is because I just hang out with the band only 10 days per month. And our plan will be re-recording a song "Revenge for Betrayal", contained in the album Hate That Never Set (2002).
KJ: Are you going to keep doing the deal with Rottrevore Records or will searching another labels/records, either from local or external to the latest album later?
PDB: For the time being we are not under contract with any label. So there is no vision where we are going to be released for the next album. But there is also interest in the Rottrevore if deemed fit.

KJ: Can I say here that KILLHARMONIC is the only band from Indonesia that played a very brutal, Heavier, progressive and highly technical. What a reason from KILLHARMONIC who is decided to play the technical / progressive death metal? Because the concept of early music KILLHARMONIC formerly Death / Grind. 
PDB: Actually on the first album was a technical / progressive but the levels are not so many, and we have not implemented odd-tempos. At times it can be practically very difficult to get members who were able to accommodate my ideas, so it is important band goes first. For music can progress, it can be seen on second album Hate That Never Set which has lost its content Grind.
KJ: And who was responsible for arranging music and writing lyrics for each album KILLHARMONIC? Are all personnel are also involved?

PDB: For musical arrangements me. For lyrics me and Mattogel.

KJ: It is not easy to play music progressive and technical genre. This necessitates a good basic skill to play and the genre also incorporates some elements of jazz, progressive rock and classical music. If you don’t mind, can you tell us about your musical background? Did you learn from the music school or? And what makes you so interested in playing this genre?

PDB: All came from what I hear, especially from my father playlist jazz and progressive rock music. I started learning to play the guitar around the age of 12 years, and had private lessons for 3 months basic rock music. But before that I've learned to hone songs from other bands (start from hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, grunge, etc). After that I learned through the media outside the guitar magazines, books, the internet, and the best is from experience.
KJ: As we all know that is a small town of Kediri but I really salute if in Kediri that have death metal scene enormous commonly called 'Kediri Kingdom Death Metal'. Can you explain about this hahaha….. ?
PDB: Scene was formed in line with the establishment of KILLHARMONIC, but for the term of Kediri Kingdom Death Metal we decided a few years ago. Kediri Kingdom we take as previously Kediri is an empire. Because the town is small, so the people know each other so easily, and from 1997 we held gathered every night of the week for friendship, exchange info, and eat together. Rukun Agawe Santoso and UNITE MAKE US STRONG. Because our compactness, it looks Kediri Death Metal Scene has a very strong, but when viewed in terms of our numbers are not so much. But from that small scene, we have bands with such a strong character like HATESTROKE, DEMENTED HEART, DETESTED, TENGGOROKAN, DEPARTED, INHUMAN SUFFERING, etc.

KJ: What do you do besides play music KILLHARMONIC? And how did you divide time between works with the music playing in your activities KILLHARMONIC? Because I saw KILLHARMONIC that a lot has a very dense stage schedule.

PDB: already this year I participated in a project work. I was on duty for 20 days, and the remaining 10 days for family, friends, and band. So I try every holiday I have any upcoming shows. Approximately 2 gig per month. May the blessing

KJ: What do you think about Busuk Webzine? At Busuk webzine, we try to do two versions of the English language and Bahasa Indonesian. And besides that, we are also trying to stay constantly updated news.

PDB: Good, because it fostered the scene. Good for the 2 languages. My advice, if any donors contrived printed version only. Because not all music fans in this country have internet access. Please note by Kieran, I also used to be the editor DYING INFOS Zine/Webzine which has issued the fourth edition of the print.
KJ: Give points 1-10 for the bands listed below?

PDB: Decrepit Birth: 7, Cryptopsy: 9. Jon Levasseur much affect me. Neoclassical Brutality. Obscura: 8. Like CACOPHONY in Death Metal, Nile: 7 Necrophagist: 8. Pioneer New Wave Of Death Metal Gorod: 7 Decapitated: 6 Spawn Of Possession: 8. The new album is really amazing!!! Fleshgod Apocalypse: 7. Epic Insanity!!!

KJ: Thanks for taking time to answer this interview. Is there a last comment for the death freaks?

PDB: Stay true, Death Metal peoples, and makes peoples being Death Metal. lan kanggo dulur-dulurku “ojo lali sholat”[for many friends,don’t forget to pray]. Megathanks Kieran James for the space and undying support. Say hello to Yudi. Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

(Interview by: Kieran James, 9 Oktober 2012)

(Some of interview question listed by John Yoedi)

(Answered by Innu / Pendekar Dawai Berdarah, 10-11 Oktober 2012)

(English translation by: Popo, vocalist DEMONS DAMN, Bandung)

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