Monday, February 25, 2013

INTERVIEW: Popo of Busuk Webzine talks to Niza, vocalist of CLIMAXETH (Surabaya death-metal) (English version)

Popo: Hai how are you? 

Niza: Good.. Sorry for late reply.. 

Popo: Thank you for taking the time to do an interview with Busuk Webzine. Kieran James (Australia) and John Yoedi (Balikpapan) already share at this blog. Oke we start the interview...what are you doing now (with your band)?

Niza: we are establishing a new material with new guitarist for our full length album.. Hopefully smoothly, and can be quickly finish. And also prepare for next show until the end of year.

Popo: tell me about CLIMAXETH band history and who’s the lineup?

Niza : Climaxeth formed september 2008, we are small group from Surabaya major city  in East Java, Indonesia. It all started when Niza,Keti and Dio who want to make the friendship more challenging with playing music. Than come Edel and Dawn to complete our lineup. Unfortunately due of Dio’s school programs, Dio must to leave this band and remaining four members to play without bass.. until the middle of 2009, we finally found a suitable bass player, named Febro, he’s completing our lineup. And in early 2012, we also lost our guitarist, Fajar. He resigned from the band and chose to continue his career outside Surabaya. Position Dawn is currently being replaced by Rio, one of our guitarists who completed our lineup. climaxeth now more perfest, we want showing to the world how great Indonesian bands.
Current Lineup:
Niza – Vocal
Keti – Drum
Edel – Guitar
Rio – Guitar
Febro - bass

Popo: How about the people respond to your demo? Do you ever get a bad response?

Niza: so far luckily no.. They are liked our work.

Popo: Can you explain about the music style you played and talk about what are the lyrics that you created?

Niza: The basic concept of this band is Metal, in the early formation of the concept has not met the form, mixing various materials, experiment one-by-one. Now, climaxeth brought death metal to be our final influence concept from the various bands of various genres and the influence to the development of our music. As for the lyrics, we were told of anti-hypocrisy, anti-social, etc.

Popo: What bands are you major influences in music?

Niza: like Dream Theater (USA), Blotted Science (USA), Gorod (FRANCE), Spawn Of Possesion (SWEDEN), Necropaghist (GERMANY), Spastic Ink (US), etc.

Popo: How to progress your demo or album?

Niza: for the album, in progress for the complete.. We still want to re-establish our materials to be more perfect in our first album later. Hopefully in 2012 we can solve.. 

Popo: Why do you like to play death-metal?

NizaBecause the music is full of passion and adrenaline boost.. character states corresponding to our ideas, and this music that allows us to fully express our feelings and ideology.

Popo: What your activities besides the band?

Niza: Keti and ferbo scholl, niza, rio dan edel work.

Popo: How to respond to your band with a female vocalist? Have a bad response and do you ever have bad experience at the show?

Niza : Until now pretty good and no problems they were very supportive of us and we could be accepted at scene, Surabaya specialy. During the show all must have experienced a technical error / non technical, but somehow we keep trying maximal to satisfy listeners 

Popo: How about the death metal scene in Surabaya today? Are there any bands that warrant concern sadistic?

Niza :  Death Metal Scene in Surabaya the craze.. Many emerging bands hazardous like BLOOD OF MESSIAH, DESCANE, DANTE MUST DIE, HUMANURE, etc Likewise, older bands did not lose too keep working like JAGAL, WAFAT, BRAIN DAMAGE, GAS 178, BRUTAL TORTURE, etc 

Popo : what is the biggest obstacle play metal music in your place?

Niza : Until now there are no obstacles.. All free to express and work. And many metal events held in Surabaya by bringing dangerous bands of town, out of town and overseas.

Popo : What future plans have you prepared? 

Niza : Simply by completing our latest album, hopefully be resolved soon and there is a label that would release our album. 

Popo : Ok thank you very much for your time to answer this interview. Any last message for Busuk webzine and for death freaks?

Niza : Oke, your welcome .. Yeah! Glad can doing the interview with Busuk Webzine. success is always and has always existed!!Stay Metal, stay Sick\m/

Interview by Popo (vocalst of DEMONS DAMN, Bandung)

Translation by Popo

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