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INTERVIEW: Interview with Aldo of PUREGATION (Bali brutal death-metal)

1 Kieran James: Hi, how are you, mate? Thanks for your support for Busuk Webzine. First please tell people all about your band including history and members.

1. Aldo : Hello busuk webzine, thanks for inviting us to join here. oke brother, I would have a little talk about the ups and downs of the band. This band formed precisely on 25 September 2011 precisely in Denpasar - Bali, this is where we start talking about the band, and by chance the three of us an hard fans of Suffocation, Disgorge (Usa), Pyaemia, Gorgasm (Usa), and Disavowed. Vomiting Corpse is the first name of the band . was in the same shape as our name with a band from Germany, so we decided to change the name to Puregation. and until now we are still with three people, Puregation are: Aldo Ian Putratama (me) - Drums, Bondan Setiawan - Guitar, I Gede Edy Saputra - Vocal. only in the bass position is still vacant in because no one people fits the style of our play. hhehehehhehehehehe, and we are currently busy with the cultivation of our first album to be released by Brute! Production (Thailand)

2 What are your music influences?

2. Aldo : We are Die Hard Fans of Suffocation, Disgorge(Usa), Pyaemia, Gorgasm(Usa), dan Disavowed 

3 What do you call your music (genre / style)?

3. Aldo : Brutal Death Metal style !!! hhehehehehe :)

4 Please tell us about Bali death-metal scene.

4. Aldo : For now Death Metal scene in Bali is growing rapidly, young people in Bali have started to dare to play different music concepts. play Death Metal music look like :  Visceral Disgorge, Pathology, Necrophagist, Obscura, disavowed, Disgorge(Usa), Pyaemia, Gorgasm(Usa), and more .

5 Are there any bars or clubs in Bali where death-metal bands can play? Maybe some tourists reading this will check out those clubs.

5. Aldo : Bar which became the band's Death Metal in Bali is Twice Bar on Poppies Line II, Kuta - Bali. owner Twice Bar is Jrinx (Supernan is Dead). and had a lot of bands that play at Twice Bar look like : Psycroptic (aus), Siksa Kubur, Tyranny, Alice, and more. and compulsory for all tourist to come to Twice Bar, because there are a lot of Death Metal bands from Bali that will make ears hot tourist. hhhahahahahahahaha

6 What genre of metal is strongest in Bali?

6. Aldo : Slamming Death Metal !! just some other concept band from slamming Death Metal . look like : Trojan, Nuclear Gore, Helldeath, Kaligula, Reviled, and of course we Puregation . hhehehehehe

7 We know about the great band REZUME from Bali. But please tell us what are some good young bands in Bali?

7. Aldo : Yeahhh, Rezume Porn Fucking Brutal Slam is from Bali . hhehehehehe, this is a band that deserves our recommendation is given the thumbs up for music lovers of Metal . (Nuclear Gore, Infernal Organs, Kaligula, reviled, Helldeath, Garis Keras, Trigger Attack)

8 What are the problems playing death-metal in Bali which stop the scene growing?

8. Aldo : Only the arrogance of the man who will stop the Metal Scene in Bali, and believe you all . Underground bands can only grow with the community and without it you all not do anything .

9 What are your future goals for your band?

9. Aldo : future of our band is to have a lot of albums like our favorite band Suffocation , and certainly makes the scene in Bali is more developed as in other cities and certainly not monotone .

10 Any message for your faithful fans?

10. Aldo : It's a little message for each of our valued friend . thank you so much for all of you who already support the Puregation, without you we are not anything . big thanks for Deformed Store is always faithful to help us in any circumstance . and to Busuk Webzine thank you for taking the time to interview with us, never stop playing music if i do not die ! We are Legion of Sickness From Denpasar - Bali

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thank you very much for mybrother Kieran James and Busuk Webzine .
god bless you .
and good luck .
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