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INTERVIEW: Interview with DEVASTATION, death-metal youth from Samarinda, East Borneo (English version)

INTERVIEW: Devastation (Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia)
Here comes another band from Samarinda from the first is Devastation where a few months ago they had completed work on his first demo album given title ‘Mati Itu Solusi’. In the first demo album, there are 6 songs that are really going to destroy your eardrums. Vocal character from ‘Mambox’ very full power and emotional give frightened to them first demo. Ok you better have a short interview I refer with them. 

JY : Hi broCongratulations for your latest release demo album 'Mati Itu Solusi' [die is a solution]So you guys are really pleased with the response that you get until now?

DV : greetings of friendship...for demo ‘Mati Itu Solusi’ I think , there are still many shortcomings, especially the sound problem and we are still not satisfied.

JY : oke , Here our readers want to know more about your band ‘Devastation’.  Because as we know, , not too much deathfreaks outside the city who know about your band but I am very sorry if my perception is wrong hahahaThis is very important to usOk can you tell us briefly about the formation of DevastationIs the first time since starting line-up formed there is a change to this?

DV : Formed from a group of Javanese village youth, the reason being that likes metal music and want to have a metal band heheheh. Starting from Samarinda Javanese village at the 2000 with the line-up is: Mambox (Vocalis), Hans (Drums), Eka (Bassis) and Ujang (Gitaris) and this lasted until 2003. The change of lineup is due to work problems. And line up until now is Bowo (Bassis), Eko (Gitaris), Tavo (Gitaris), Mambox (Vocalis) and Faras (Drums) until 2011 and in the middle of 2011 Faras focus for Engorging as preparation for the tour and pick up the slack drums are replaced by younger brother of Faras, Icun.

JY : Why did you decide to use the name 'Devastation'? Are there any significant meaning to the name?

DV : We decided to use a name …Devastation which indicate the massive destruction. Many incidents on earth, disasters happening around the world … then from that we named Devastation.

JY : Can you tell us about the recording process for the album demo ‘Mati Itu Solusi’? How many songs and whether you're satisfied?

DV : Recording process takes about 4 months.  And there are 6 songs including: Mati itu solusi, Korban mutilasi, Janin suci, Lawan atau binasa, Kehancuran dunia, dan Wajah penguasa.

JY : In your demo album, I really like your vocals style are full of emotion and strong. Did since the formation of Devastation till now your vocal style is like that? Not deep guttural as ever I see before. Can you explain this?

DV : For vocals character I prefer emotional vocal style. Lots of changes due to the inclusion of friends in Devastation.

JY : Can you describe Devastation in terms of music? And who are your major influences in this music?

DV : In 2000 we carry grindcore music, along with a change in line up the Devastation brings brutal death metal. And that influence in our music course bands like Vile, Nile, Pyaemia, Disgorge, Jasad , Death Vomit and etc.

JY : What sort of things do you spit in the making of your lyrics? Is there a special theme song in the making?

DV : Things we spit to the lyrics of our songs are about many of the dead moral, greedy side of human, hypocrisy, suffering to the weak and the social themes of humanity.

JY : Since when did you start listening or like to death metal? Would you like to listen other genres?

DV : Since Junior highschool I like to listen  Metallica, Sepultura and Arul Power Metal era. And ventured in 1999 into an energetic death metal music contained lyrics and rhythm of rock rebellion. Yes we also like to listen to other genres such as dangdut Mix (wuhahaha, cool bro –ed) , Sagita, Power Metal and also Reggae music (ahh if the latter, I also like to listen to his bro bro-ed)

JY : Is there one of you that have a band project than in Devastation?

DV : Yes We have one of the projects that got the band are Faras now he play with Engorging.

JY : What do you think about the development of the metal scene in east Kalimantan generally and in Samarinda in particular? Can you recommend to us about the great bands in your area?

DV : I think the development scene in East Kalimantan fairly rapid development and also the metal events every month. Generation of metalheads growing, especially in Samarinda when viewed from any metal event filled with many metalheads ranging from male to female. Recommended Samarinda death metal band is: Total busuk, Malvomed, Engorging and Abyysal.

JY : Ok before I end this interview, please mentioned 10 best albums Cd of 2011 list according to your version, 5 Bands from overseas and 5 local band?

DV : Hehehe for list the best album 2011 is: Condemned ‘realms of the ungodly’, Putridity-‘degenerating antrophagical euphoria’,Disemboweled ‘crops -vivisection and burning of the bowels’, Beheaded-‘ T.B.A.’,  Vile ‘Metamorphosis’ and for local bands are: Wafat -‘Exhausted Souls’, .Jasad ‘Rebirth [of] Jatisunda’, Death Vomit, Turbidity ‘Suffering Of Human Decapitated’ dan Engorging.

JY : Thank you for taking time to answer questions from Us and all the best to Devastation? Is there a message for the readers of Busuk Webzine and the death freaks here?

DV : Thank you too buddy. Greetings from our friendship, Devastation Samarinda. prefer local products ‘merdeka’ [independent] !!!
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(interview by John Yoedi, November 25,2011)

(Translation by Popo, vocalist DEMONS DAMN, Bandung)

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