Interview questions busuk webzine
1 Kieran James: please tell us your band history and your current line_up?
1. Zulfick: At the first name of the band is “THE CASKET FOR ME” that founded in 2007. Our base in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Our first line up, Zulfick Zephyrus (Vocal), Reza Acheron (Guitar), Gilang Arkanum (Guitar), Hindra Togog (Bass), Vitra Sathanas (Drums). We have recorded the first demo “Ambassador Plenipotentiary” for Today Is The Day Volume 2 compilation which released by Corner Street Records in 2008. In early 2010 we changed our band’s name from “THE CASKET FOR ME” being “NEPTHYS” with the same line up (2007-2010). And then we were making new matter for the first EP album named Jalan Terang Menuju Neraka. In early 2011 Hindra Togog (Bass) had decided to resign from the band. According to our ex-bassist’s resignment we decided Rizaltojo (Bass) to replace the bass position in band. In the middle of 2011 we have recorded “Liang Lahat” for The Day of Resurrection Volume 3 compilation which released in 2012. With the current line up, we will release our first EP album Jalan Terang Menuju Neraka in the middle of this year (2013).
2 what are your major influences?
2. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL SHALL PERISH, BEHEMOTH, AT THE THRONE OF JUDGEMENT, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD, and bands from our community which succeed of their creation.

3 what are your goals for your band?
3. We want to release our first EP album, long live, our music accepted by people, lots of friend, and the new education of the music.
4 tell us more about soreang death metal community?
4. Soreang Death Metal is a community that based on music in generally and have motive to explore our music that not too exposed by major people.
5 are there other good bands in soreang who can follow Humiliation and release full-length album?
5. Yes, they are DEVORMITY.
6 do you know the band Pandemonium? what is your comment?
6. Yes, I knew. They are a good band, young and dangerous.
7 what is your comment about Busuk Webzine promoting Soreang death-metal?
7. Very nice, coz the existence of this webzine (BUSUK WEBZINE) can be a media for get some information to the people or other communities around the world.
8 what jobs do you guys do outside of the metal scene?

8. I’m (Zulfick) a student in university and make some business. Reza is a founder of AVE Stuff (clothing company). Gilang is a founder of HERVETICA Clothing. Rizal is a founder of FIRSTONE Merch and a food business. Vitra is work in a company.

9 what is the feedback in Soreang about Humiliation album?

9. I think people in Soreang have the same with my opinion that they are a good band.
10 Any message for your loyal fans?

10. We will always get some contribution in the music widely and stay support us. We can be like this because of your existence. Thank you for your time and hopefully we can be a partner someday.