Sunday, March 3, 2013

NEWS : KISS at the Perth Arena

KISS at the Perth Arena


Last night, at the Perth Arena was easily the best night of my life. It had always been my dream to once in my life see KISS live, and it finally came true. Being brought up with the band from my dad, being a huge fan, I was always listening to their music, but just one day hoped to finally see it for real!

On the night of the 28th of February I can say I finally saw the best show on Earth. From hearing 'Alright Perth' it was already amazing, and seeing my idols in the flesh was something to be thankful for, sang along to every song and loved every minute, still cant believe it happened! Being in awe of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and the amazing stage show they're renowned for, and the real approach to music and how it should be played! This is a night i will never forget, and I would like to thank you, KISS, for giving me passion for music and making a big dream come true!

Thank you!

Bo Rocco

Here's KISS with the Perth KISS Army at the packed Perth Arena on Thursday night. 

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