Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NEWS: Three MORTIFICATION albums reissued with bonus tracks through

Break the Curse (1990) classic MORTIFICATION line-up: Mick Carlisle, Steve Rowe, Jayson Sherlock. The reissued Erasing the Goblin album (2006) is a fine return to brutal death-metal mixed with surprise doomy elements - probably the band's best album since the brilliant Scrolls of the Megilloth (1992)
Soundmass has also JUST re-issued Mortification - Relentless, Brain Cleaner and Erasing The Goblin CDs! All 3 have some amazing BONUS Tracks that have all been REMASTERED from 3 CLASSIC MORTIFICATION SHOWS in Germany 2002, Mexico 2004 and Norway 2007! All 3 CDs have NEW, IMPROVED and EXTENDED ARTWORK and LAYOUT! - from Steve Rowe, MORTIFICATION

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