Thursday, April 18, 2013

INTERVIEW: My interview with DYING INSIDE (Balinese death-metal)

1 Jack: Please give us introduction to your band.
1. Mike: we're DYING INSIDE formed on August 21st 2011 in the area of Subang, West Java - Indonesia. we've changed some personnel because the match was not in music, now with new forces: Adnan (Growl), Tjiwalk (Bass), Mike (Guitars), Ajie (Drums) intend to continue our musical journey with domicile moved to Denpasar Bali since early in February in 2013! in bali we briefly appeared in the brutal aggression events in March and a few weeks ago in the month of april play on madness maniac with rotten sound as its star.

2. I heard your songs on Reverbnation. Have you got plan for a full-length album soon?
2. in the near future we think there are no plans to make a full album, because we still have a lot to learn to make the concept of the song better than ever!

3 What are your influences musically?
3. we are affected by Kataklysm, dying fetus, cannibal corpse and napalm death

4 I read your lyrics, almost like Biohazard and Pantera. You stay away from boring mutilation lyrics. What are your influences for lyrics? 
4. lyrics that we make is about the day to day events and we thought it was very simple to be easily digested by our music listeners.

5 how is the death-metal scene in Bali? we intervew the mighty Rezume before. Are they big influence for you?
5. death metal in Bali is very different from other regions in Indonesia, they are more varied and so a lot of difference with death metal in Bandung. we are very close to Rezume, they really motivate us to be able to go far as they did.

6 Have you played Bandung before?
6. we have never performed in Bandung.

7 What are your favourite Bandung bands?
7. Undergod we like the music quality and character of extraordinary vocalist.

8 This is an exciting time for DM in Indo with new albums by Jihad and Jasad after such a long wait for the fans. Have you heard the new songs by these bands?
8. ever time on stage with bodies cikampek, had never heard the music of Jihad.

9 Last of all have you got message for your supporters?
9. continue to pursue your dreams, never give up!

10 One more question: what are your goals and dreams for the future for your band?
10.we want our music to be accepted metalhead in many countries and also wanted to be able to perform at international events.
Band contact: +6287760628666

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