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INTERVIEW: My interview with SCARS RAGE (Yogyakarta political grindcore band, Central Java, Indonesia) (English)

1. Kieran James: Hi, first of all please tell us your band history?

SR: This is me, 2529. Thanks to Dr. Kieran James and Busuk zine whom give us in the literal session a chance so we can be surfaced here. Surely as opening, Scars Rage was found in the mid of 2010 where before i really liked to play grind core technically like the great efforts of Cranial Incisored, Psychofagist, Naked City, Cephalic Carnage and unforgettable Deviated Symphony in my hope. Some songs had been written wait the drummers. But because of some bands have inspired to bring forward that concept instead death metal bands so I preferred to be back to grind core with my interest to Cyber/ Industrial approach. That was not difficult to shape the formation and I met B4 at that time he was still young has a drumming course in Crescendo musical studio as immediately we started the band make the simple songs with some native impact due the aggressiveness in addition B4 loves to play death metal. Our personalities are too sharp perceptively and we are afraid to be killer band and famous. Only like that and not too complex in the note books.

2. Why do you like to play grindcore music?

SR: Playing Grind Core for us is felt like we are going home (present context) to know ourselves how far we have been responsible as human being keep life and the place where we belong. A consequence that we have face in everyday life and self- awareness to build a perfect world. Without war, destitution and decreased sanity at least, that the logics we would like to introduce our own Grind Core due its way response the reality more than only the merely music but also the definitive purpose. As we live in the city sometimes we feel frustrated step the routine and getting stress with the unnatural, polluted and evolutionary “Who will die soon and who will be monkey?” impacts in the downtown opposite with the high buildings of emptiness and failure. Hip hop takes the significant- other from Jogjakarta urban underground to react the extrinsic circumstance progressively as we are welcomed in New York to paint the walls. Nu-Metal and Hard Core are still in the priority against the mainstream besides Punk/ Crust Core. That’s why we want to enhance a wonderful action accompanied their guys inspiring each other with grind core as the most capable of us (in the last battle of Angkringan). White conception is a beautiful viewpoint so we can’t be wicked to fetch the future with the vegan and straight- edge habits. Only ridiculous sometimes…!

3. How is the progress for your demo or album?
SR: After “Stereophonic Rebel” we are now in the efforts of “Libertine Antithesis” that will be released in April or as fast as we are in the final measure, the free pocket. This demo will contain 5 main songs with sort durations with a raw sound and old school standard, a pre-concept to its studio album. Besides that re-releasing “The Nation Fatigue” will be in June as possible to record 3 new songs that we have been prepared and in the addition of 5 remix songs due its better quality. A blossom EP by us to a long journey finding the soil of harvest we recommend in CD. And hopefully 6/7 songs split we attempt more professionally in the end of year where we wait the bands. It’s enough confused because of our activities make a limited time and B4 also pays in C.A.T.E since the past where we rarely went to the shows. Our full-length album “Third World Dismissal” we will be in ready certainly 3 years soon included its production.

4. What are your influences?

In the song writing we always try to be free to create the musical structures with our similar techniques without pushing the ability so that we can handle the songs in stages. Because there are only 2 members in the band we have to practice hard to give the audiences the best of us. B4 loves Death Metal very much and likes the bands, such as Burgerkill, Nasum, Misery Index, Propaganda, Napalm Death, Something Wrong, Melt Banana and some more. I personally like not to far from him especially from overseas, namely Lycanthrophy, Gride, Pig Destroyer, Smallpox Aroma, Severe Metastasis, The Arson Project, Wormrot, Damokis, Insect Warfare, C.A.B.T, Phobia, Idiots Parade, Jig Ai, Sakatat, Haemorrhage, Carnal Diafragma, Phobia, Moncho Cabrera Grind Punk, Black Hole of Calcutta, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, The Kill, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Rotten Sound, Infest, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Magnicide, Asesino, Lock Up, Creative Waste, Leng Tch’e, Truth Be Known, and Touched by Nausea. Some old school bands, viz Drogheda, Righteous Pig , Prophecy of Doom, Carcass, Exhumed, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, Demisor, Unholy Grave, Teervet Kadet, Entombed, Upright Citizens, Obituary, Mass Separation, Godflesh, Massacre, R.D.P, Brujeria, Disrupt, Disgust, Misfits, N.O.T.A and a few whom have been in my memory . Also Access to Arasaka, Mortiis, Rage Against The Machine, Prodigy, The Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, U2, The Cure, Bjork, Kitaro, Goodnight Electric, Faust, Faun, Eivor Palssdottir, Underoath, Gojira, It Prevails, Maruosa, Arkona and some instrumental and harsh noise bands to freshen my mind. Disact, The Downgoing, Absvrdist, Suffering Quota, Utopium, Grinding Halt, Fear of Deep Blue Sea as the new comers like us. Again metal/hard core stuffs and Bong Ra!

5. What is your comment on Yogyakarta metal scene?

SR: Jogjakarta metal scene is now possibly (How is it?) in the next phase of being concrete for the activity and essence as one of biggest metal destinations in Indonesia, as You may see. And It’s propped by Central Java as we came from before Independence day. Great story when we are back to the last decade to remembering the most splendor of scene. Until now Jogjakarta has many talented bands equal with Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, also Semarang in the scales and contributions. After the sadness of catastrophe we have tried to fix our vision to stand again and not to let the next destruction where we had separated and lived individually be unknown. We pray for Jogjakarta…

6 I know Detritivor, Warhammer and Deadly Weapon. can you tell us some other good young bands in Yogya?

SR: Many new bands have risen here but I only find some in my opinion such as Exhumation, Deformed, Death Artery and Incarnation with their death metal attitude. Really ironic to view grind core scene here because we are not Indian to mean it but Indone. Yeah, Death Core tries to fill it like a vigor in the past where we could see Halbonera, Atret, Bloody Terror, Depredation, Deviated Symphony, Sanzia, play in the regional/ national shows.

7. I visited Avila studio in yogya in October 2011. people told me the bands can't use it anymore. is that true?

SR: What? Why we don’t know about that and possibly we can’t interfere about other business/ interest. Bad news for us. Like in my mind, underground music is really complicated to do and if there is not a more protection the underground musicians will be in the lack of situations because of some dumb perception and misinterpretation surely . We have been tagged to elaborate the schedules with RPM studio, so that matter is beyond our bustle. We are often hanged out in that cool place after and before recording. Blast and Gong studios have also the equal quality if possibly the readers want to know about Jogja musical scene. Many who have come and gone until this time. Don’t do drugs just beers (0%) and pogo!

8. Whose people helped you most in yogya when you first started your band?

SR: Truthfully we would like to thank to a lot of people who have helped us since we begun this band so we are in the hamdallah to breath. Some of them whom have been long to mention are Mas Adit and Wawan RPM, Mas Sofyan Death Vomit, Bang Kamal Damnation, Mas Yoga Propaganda, Pak Belang Angkringan, Bu Tince Salon ZZ, the guys of Depresi also some fellows from Jogja Corpse Grinder and Central Java. And absolutely Kanjeng Sultan Hamengku Buwono for how we can feel to play our music and not to be escaped from His broom beat because we are still bad boys often (playing truant), not Backstreet Boys. Forgive us, God.

9. Any message for your fans? 

SR: It’s still far for our destiny however the sign is more than to make us sick, we love to play music with wishing esteemed we will be extricated sanely on the freedom to speak, behave, and sense in the term of democracy as we struggle nowadays. Sometimes, we miss our friends from the different sides of life who we leave or we were leaved. It’s not a game to be in the underground somehow we still enjoy to sing endeavor. Some good words for the readers and regarding all elements. 
Do what you have to do first and then your will, don’t be too much Do what you have to do first and then your will, don’t be too much thinking about your boy/ girl friends but study. Always clean your bad room and bath before it smells. Know that we are not only musicians but also the house keeping activists. Viva reformation… room and bath before it smells. Know that we are not only musicians but also the house keeping activists. Viva reformation…!

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