Thursday, May 23, 2013

NEWS: South African power-thrash band ARX releases album "Ordo Ab Pax" for digital download (band interview coming soon)

I received this email from the band: 

Good afternoon,
I am the vocalist/bassist and co-writer in the South African power/thrash metal band called Arx and I am a fan of your site.
We just released our album digitally on 20 April 2013. The album is called Ordo Ab Pax and is available to purchase on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Bandcamp (plus many other sites).
We wrote, self-recorded and self-produced this album, and we are really passionate about it and the music that we write. We also have enough material for a few more albums but we really could do with some help and exposure.
The market in South Africa for metal is extremely small and we would love to get some exposure overseas. So we are basically asking if you guys can maybe help us in any way to get exposure on your page as you have a very wide reach in fans but any help would be greatly appreciated. We are maybe looking for a review or an interview or even any kind of mention or endorsement.
Our album can also be streamed on the following sites (our official site will also be live in the next two weeks):
Our album can be purchased at:
Many thanks in advance,
Yuri Zager

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