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Here one Aussie band from Adelaide and its called SEMINAL EMBALMMENT. They are playing brutal death metal. And they have released New Ep ‘ Stacked and Sodomized’ in January 2013 by New Standard Elite Records from USA...with brutal  four track : Introrection, Stacked and Sodomized, Imprisoned Deformity and Exremental Asphyxiation. Music sound from ‘Stacked and Sodomized’ Ep is really sick, diverse and technical brutal style. Well, i don’t want talking too much here hahahah....The guitarist Luke Muttillo gave me chance to do an lets read it here now :

John Yoedi : Hi mate, how are you there ? Pleased talking to you and thanks for your kind support to Busuk Webzine. Kieran James (Perth-Australia) and I share for this blog. So how are things going at the moment for Seminal Embalmment ? And who will be answer my question ? 

No problems dude. Luke Mottillo guitarist of Seminal Embalmment here andthings are going great. Slowly writing new material for our full length and getting some shows down.

JY :First off...Would you like to give our readers here a briefly about history of the band ? Who’s in the band and what do they do ? And anything they did before joining SEMINAL EMBALMMENT ?

Seminal started around late 2011 and developed from an older project Kieran ( drummer ) and I used to play in called Five finger disintegrator. At the time it was more of Technical Death styled band but we noticed our style and influencesbeginning to change. Our style changed so much we decided to change our name and with that a few members also. Bradley our current vocalist had no projects prior to Seminal. He is new the vocalist position yet fits the mold so well for the band. I heard his gutturals one day and said this dude has got to be in the band! CJ joined the band shortly after the EP was completed and has played in many various bands. We are lucky to have found him really. Bass duties for the EP where handed to our mate Adam who actually helped us out both ways by recording the EP and informing me of CJ. Both are super talented bass players which is hard to find where we live!

JY : Where did the band’s name came from and does it have any particular meaning to you ?

The band’s name came from one of our favourite bands Gorgasm. Seminal Embalmment doesn’t really have any special meaning just something repulsive which is what we are after!

JY :In January 2013…the band have released new EP ‘Stacked and Sodomized’ with four track. Would you like to tell us briefly about recording process for first EP ? Who did you work with ? And did everything go to plan ?

The recording process was exciting. Everything about record music is exciting and fun from drum tracking to vocal tracking. I love recording new material and cannot wait to do it again haha! We recorded the EP with our comrade Nick Seja who shreds guitars in a killer local Death Metal band called Tzun Tzu. He did a brilliant job, couldn’t have asked for any better. The overall production and quality of the EP is exactly what we wanted and we couldn’t be happier!

JY : And how has it been received by fans / media so far ? Did you got good responses.

The response so far has been great. Without Dan’s help through NSE the response would not have been as amazing as what it has been. We have more of a following overseas than in our own country and even in our home town.

JY : When I hear your band songs by reverbnation….its really sick and I like it. Your music is extremely fast yet also complex. And I just wondering…in musically, the sound very influenced by US Death Metal style such as Disgorge,Brodequin, Gorgasm and etc. Could you say something about this ? Which bands are you influenced by ?

Cheers dude! When the EP was being written it was heavily influenced by bands such as Inveracity, Inherit Disease and Cerebral Effusion.We love those bands to death and their musician ship and production is not only influential but inspirational. Newer material is influence and inspired by a huge array of bands.

JY : And also would you say that it is important to you that you develop your own original sound rather than simply jumping on what other bands are doing and following trends ?

Definitely, it’s great to be able to create your own sound. Although it is hard to these days considering there are so many bands. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that you are doing what you like.

JY : Let’s talk a bit about your song writing process. How does a song usually develop-do you first start with a lyric, melody, chord progression, or something else ? Do you begin writing a song in your head before you pick up an instrument ?

The majority of the time I just develop riffs in my head. Some days I pick up my guitar and just whip something out and sometimesideas come to me when I am driving or when I am just about to go to sleep. Once I have something I am 100% happy with I write it down in Guitar Pro and go from there. I am always changing songs up though which is such an irritating habit. I could have a full song written and the next day delete the whole thing. Sometimes I just wake up and go “nah I don’t like that anymore”. It happens a lot and I am probably my own worst critic haha. I usually send off the Guitar Tabs to CJ so he can run through them and also bring what I have written to practice so Kieran can put his drums to it. Bradley is usually last to put his lyrics to songs but by the time Kieran, CJ and I have it down tight he has ideas brewing.

JY : The lyrical themes of death metal usually talking about mutilation, anti
religion, torture, rape, gore and etc. Did you write the lyrical themes as I said before or ? Are they based on reality or fiction ?

The EP was just based on gore and disgusting things we came up with at the time. Most lyrics where fictional but few where loosely based on serial killers.

JY : Who was usually responsible for writing lyrics and music concept for Seminal Embalmment ?

Bradley’s brother helped us a lot with the lyrical content for the EP. The new lyrics I have written myself with the help of Bradley. The concept for the new CD we are still working on but we have a fair idea of what we are going to do.

JY : The Cover artwork from your first EP ‘Stacked and Sodomized’ is really awesome and very sick… I like it very much. Who came up with the concept, and how many design did you have to wade through until you came to this one ?

To be honest I cannot remember who came up with the overall concept. It has been in the making for some time. I think we had the song names chosen for the EP and just selected Stacked and Sodomized to be used as the album artwork and concept theme. We just hit up Jon Zig, told him our ideas and the name of the EP and he came up with just how we envisioned it.

JY :How did you hook up with Daniel Osborn of New Standard Elite Records (USA), Which seem an ideal label for you to have joined. First up, I was wondering how did the deal came about ? Are you satisfied with things like promotion and such ?

NSE would have to be one of the best labels in the business. Super organised, always get my orders, so easy to work with and Dan is great with keeping in contact. Like a brother to us all! Danny boy hit us up and seemed very interested in our shit. He is a rad dude who supports the sickest stuff out in the Brutal Death world. We are overwhelming satisfied with how NSE is going and how he has and is still helping us out. Without him our music defiantly would not have been pushed around the world.

JY : Well I want to talking a bit about your personally now. When do you started or choose to play metal music ? And which bands inspired you back in the day to start ?

I started playing metal back in highschool. I think the first metal band I heard was Morbid Angel? Whatever it was I was blown away haha. I attended a high school that was extremely into music so inspiration was never far away.

JY :For you personally, who are the major influences on you as a guitarist ? Which kind of guitarist do you prefer ?

I listen to a lot of diverse music really.Anything from Brutal Death to Classical to Jazz. It all helps me and stimulates my mind to produce better ideas. At the moment though for new Seminal material I have been listening to bands more BDM orientated bands such as Gutrot, Pustulated, Brodequin, Orchidectomy, Cenotaph, Defeated Sanity just to name a few. There are some killer guitarists out there.  Chris from Defeated Sanity is defiantly an inspiration for me as well as dudes like NikoKalajakis my American homie who shreds for Iniquitous deeds, Thorso who shreds for Abhorrent Castigation, Juan from Euphoric Defilement, Jake Wilkes from Disentomb and plenty others that I won’t name because I will be here all day haha.Such sick guitarist who defiantly have their own unique and inspiring styles!

JY : What is the current situation of real metal in Australia ? I don’t know much about sickest death metal bands in Australia but I know some of them such as : Entrails Eradicated, Disentomb, Humonic, Nekrofeist and Grosteque. And any new comer bands I should be checking out ?

The Australian metal scene is defiantly growing but as far as brutal death it’s still only just beginning in my opinion. Some other killer bands to check out are Tzun Tzu, Altars, Disciples Of Torture, Festering Drippage, Iconic Vivisect, Putrefaction and Whorestopsy. 

JY : What is gears do you use to record and do you use the same amp/guitars etc for live shows ?

For guitars I used Nick’s Fractal Axe Fx 2. A killer piece of equipment! Live I am currently using my Axe Fx ultra with Sla Art power amp but I am changing back to a Peavey 6505. Kieran used his own drum kit apart from a borrowed snare. Adam used his own bass rig and recording gear at home to produce those fat bass tones.

JY : Just as a side question, What do you think about Busuk Webzine ( ? In Busuk Webzine, we are try to use two language : English language and Indonesian Language and also try to update news everyday.

It’s a great blogspot. Killer reviews and it is good to see people who support the music just as much as we do. So keep it up because it’s sick!

JY : Did you have any progress for exercise with Seminal Embalmment ? What you guys activities outside the band ?

We just go to local shows (when they are on) and just write, play music, work, hang with our girls. That’s basically all we do. Oh I also hang out with my little French bulldog a lot. He sometimes helps me with riffs haha.

JY : What are your plans for the immediate future ? Touring ? And what are you hopes for the new full length album and when will you be recording it ?

Plans so far for Seminal are just try to play as many shows as we can but at the same time write for the full length. Touring would be good. We would like to eventually go interstate considering our state is lacking in the Brutal Death department. We hope to have the album down by the end of this year but at the rate I write and delete material it could be a while haha. We shall see!!

JY : Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with your band ‘Seminal Embalmment’. Do you have any last thoughts or messages for all death freaks ?

Thanks for interviewing me man the pleasure was all mine. Stay sick all you Brutal Death freaks and continue supporting because without it the music would be nothing! Cheers!

(Interviewed by John Yoedi, June 04 2013)

Here some information if you want to know more about this sick band, check their link here : 

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