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INTERVIEW: Interview with MOTORDEATH (Bandung death-metal), English language version

This is it dangerous band from Bandung is MOTORDEATH ... which is the old band and formed year 1993. The band also had spewed an Ep 'Despair' in cassette format contains 8 songs including one song live 'Despair' was released by Extreme Souls Productions year 1998. In 2011 they have also spawned a demo album ’Hyperbola Angka’ [Hyperbola number] which contains 2 songs. And now in 2012 they have also managed to do a very dangerous masterpiece is a split album with the band Disinfected and still released on Extreme Souls Productions. Today we get a chance to do an interview with MOTORDEATH Ratno represented by the towing bass-vocals. Let’s read it........

KJ : Hi, can you tell me when and how the initial formation of your band?

Ratno : Motordeath formed in 1993 in the city of Bandung. Originally the idea came from my own (Ratno) and my brother (yana) to form some death metal band. Initial formation consists of 5 people (Ratno-bass, Yana-guitar, Yudhi-guitar, aries-vocals, and chobaim-drum). It really is very early formation, but no longer than that, eventually our formation to 3 people (ratno-Bass & Vocal, Yana-gitar and Hendra-drum). The entry of hendra make Motordeath become have character as death metal band with tempo guitar and drums quick characteristic. Then  Yadi Behom ex-vocalist of JASAD joining (now forming ROTTENATOMY) as vocal Motordeath. These formations are then released their first album in 1998-99 with the album title ‘DESPAIR’. Believe it or not, this album we recorded with LIVE proses ! No editing or anything. You can listen to this album just results in us playing music with the character we want.

JY : Motordeath a long band formed in 1993. And has issued Ep 'Despair' in 1998. And last in 2011 has also been issued a Demo ‘Hyperbola Angka’. Actually what is the reason that makes you want to stay afloat and continue to take part this path of underground music ?

Ratno : Hmm…The first reason, of course PASSION same from all personnel, ... the desire to still be able to share and work and contribute ideas and suggestions to death metal in these country.

JY : Not so many changes in the line-up of Motordeath now, just turn on additional vocals and guitarist positions are now filled by Hendrik and vocals are handled directly by Ratno also a ripper bass. And as we know the vocal position once filled by Yadi Behom who now plays for the band named Rottenatomy. Is there any particular reason why you do not bring back Yadi Behom to play in Motordeath?

Ratno : First, the entry hendrik_dimi in guitar position enrich our musical exploration, with an additional double guitar course this makes the MOTORDEATH music more quality. Second, the first (Ratno) I did bass & vocals for Motordeath before Yadi Behom join. Third, Yadi Behom was formed and joined with ROTTENATOMY, the band was good and strong character in his music. Maybe the story could have been different if Behom may not join the band ROTTENATOMY...we never know about it! After all he had become part of the band and helped raise Motordeath, and we always support.

JY : Currently Motordeath have done a split album with Disinfected. And it would be a very dangerous split album. And BUSUK Webzine also very happy to help in sponsoring this split album. Is there anything you wish you would expect with a release this split album?

Ratno : Exciting and fun certainly can make work with bands such as Disinfected, many aspects in common Motordeath and Disinfected. Our hope of course would like to confirm that we were happy to still be able to continue working and continue to be a part of the Indonesian Metal Scene, besides it is a return of the initial stimulus Motordeath in Indonesian metal scene, before later we will be releasing a full album in the near future.

KJ : How do people respond to you guys working on a mini album?

Ratno : Alhamdulillah.. The response so far is very good, enthusiastic and makes goose bumps to see the response from fellow musicians, bands, metalhead and media. Our thanks to all! Respect to you guys!

JY : And, whether after split the release of this album Motordeath will prepare new album? And when supposing new album will be ready to be released?

Ratno : Hopefully ... Later this year or the beginning of the year, which obviously we are preparing new material for in the full album, there will probably be 8-10 songs in the project full album later. Prayer right …

JY : Is it still under labels / records are the same, Extreme Souls Production? Or would you try to make a deal with the outside like Sevared Records label or other.

Ratno : Wah… we do not know about it ... can we stick with ESP or try another label .. anything can ...

JY : Whether in terms of sound, in terms of musicality and so will change compared to previous albums?

Ratno : Of course there are when compared to the previous album .. can be seen in split album MOTORDEATH DISINFECTED... a little change on this album without losing the individuality and character of our music.

JY : Is it the same equipment when you do shows / tours and recording?

Ratno : We would like to pursue a tough character Crunch Sound and implement Tunning Drop C. Roughly the same equipmen for Sound Recording Equipment and show, We use the RG Series Guitar with Pick Up Dimarzio D Sonic and use Distortion Line 6 Pod Pro.

KJ : The songs that you create using English and Indonesian?

Ratno : That's right ... the songs we use English and Indonesian, no nothing tendensis why we use 2 (two) languages … Indonesian let more global hahaha .. hopefully become an international language someday..hehe..

KJ : Tells about whether the songs you create?

Ratno : Motordeath songs lyrics are very simple, tells the story of the problems conditions and social construction that we see from our perspective to this country, both from the moral aspect, the psychological to the ethical. Only the structure of the style only we convey implicitly.

JY : Several years ago (long enough), I had met with Hendra (drummer) in the city of Surabaya, Hendra when it was joined to Black Metal band that Hellgods. And, incidentally Hellgods when it has been invited to play at a metal show in Surabaya (Sorry, I forgot the title metal event). Is up to date, Hendra still help drumming in Hellgods or will remain focused on playing for Motordeath? 

Ratno : Has not of course, we all personnel focus on Motordeath.

JY : It's no secret that your band members have a wide taste in music. And most likely, all band members must have a different influence. Can you tell me, how to combine them so that you can be a concept that fits for your band 'Motordeath'?

Ratno : The concept music is actually simple ... might be hearing a bit complex .. hahaha. Ok, actually we have many concept of reference music and influence of motordeath… not only bands from the same genre.. Often we make reference from other genres too, it's just that we have a way to package and how to approach their own.

KJ : Who is the most influential figure for you all?

Ratno : Hmmm… each personnel have its own each figure..hehehe

KJ : What is the purpose of your band in the future?

Ratno : Being one of the bands that still productive and continue to contribute to the development of music in Indonesian and the global metal scene.

KJ : Why you like to play death-metal?

Ratno : Hehe.. same reason with all the death metal music lovers in general ... the complexity of the music and his passion.

KJ : When you first become a fan of metal band?

Ratno : Wah… of the 90's metal band we've loved …

KJ : What do you say to people who ask why you play a Western-style music?

Ratno : Quite simply ... tastes, interests and different perspectives we see the context of music.  

KJ : Are the wives and girlfriends of personnel support what you are doing?

Ratno : Definitely and always supportive, as long as it positively.

KJ : What are the good things and the bad about the death-metal community in Bandung?

Ratno : The good thing is togetherness and respect one another ... in addition to openness in sharing things related to music. The bad thing ... I have not seen it... So far so good...hehe..

KJ : In the event if you feel that a satisfactory stage?

Ratno : Actually Many stages make us satisfied …

KJ : Is there a message to be conveyed to the people out there and the fans?

Ratno : Stick to what you believe ... whatever the shape ... and bring that energy on something positive ..

JY : What do you think about BUSUK WEBZINE ? In BUSUK Webzine we have done two versions of languages are English and Indonesian.

Bandung Death Metal City, Indonesia
Ratno : GREAT .... we love it!! Treats the information and contents in addition to up to date is also very communicative! Thank you for facilitating the two languages ​​.. making it easier for information received by the local and global audience …think global and act local…hehe..(Red....Thanks bro )

KJ : Ok thank you very much for taking the time to interview with us, success.

Ratno : Your welcome BUSUK Webzine… thank you also for giving us the space and time for the interview and review our band MOTORDEATH! Success for BUSUK Webzine!

[Interview by : Kieran James & John Yoedi]

[This translation by: Popo, vocalist of DEMONS DAMN]

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