Thursday, July 4, 2013

NEWS: Brazilian symphonic black-metal band FROST DESPAIR finishes recording of debut album "Surreal"

Frost Despair: finishing recordings of "Surreal"
- Brazilian symphonic black metallers FROST DESPAIR is finishing the recordings of its debut album, "Surreal", the follow up to 2011's "The God Delusion" EP. The debut was recorded in Hurricane Studios, and produced by Sebastian Carsin (Enthroned, Bestial).
The artwork was created by Marcelo Vasco (Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar), who stated: "This illustration for 'Surreal' was forged through the general concept of his title and acclimated in the most dirty and chaotic way, mixing elements biomechanics with nature and science where everything becomes a kind of bestial and psychological heart."
"Surreal" has the following track listing:
01. The Sixth Bell

02. Creation

03. Thrones Of Human Power

04. Darkly Strike

05. Genesis

06. Surreal

07. Fall Into The Darkness of Illusion

08. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication

09. God's Nightmare

10. Slaves To Superstition
11. Thrones Of Human Power (orchestral version) (bonus track)

12. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication (orchestral version) (bonus track)
A release date will be announced soon.
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