Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NEWS: British hard-rock legends STATUS QUO debut in Fiji-based action movie

Rick Parfitt (left) with Laura Aikman and Francis Rossi
Status Quo stars Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi have shown off their big screen debut - an action film set in Fiji.

The band, famous for hits such as Rockin' All Over the World, star in Bula Quo! where they go on the run with their manager after accidentally getting on the wrong side of a shady gangster.
Scene from Status Quo's new film Bula Quo
Rossi, 64, said he was surprised that the film had got a cinema release.

"Normally bands just make documentaries but it's a real movie and that's what it had to be for us. And it's in 200 cinemas, we thought it would go straight to DVD," he said.

However, it is thought some cinemas will only play the film for one night.
Parfitt and Rossi, original members of the Quo five-piece, previously tried acting during a cameo on Coronation Street in 2005 when the band performed at Les Battersby's wedding.

"If I'm honest with you, I thought we were appalling," admitted Parfitt.

"But the stunt co-ordinator said we'd like to do a movie with you and we were highly surprised and highly delighted. And especially the fact we've now pulled it off."

The band have also recorded nine new songs especially for the film, as well as a "Fiji Style" version of their track Living On An Island.

Status Quo have not forgotten their on-stage roots, and will be embarking on a Bula Quo! arena tour in December.

Bula Quo! takes its name from the Fijian islanders' traditional greeting.

The film, which is on general release on July 5, also stars Lemon La Vida Loca actress Laura Aikman, US comedian John Lovitz and ex-EastEnder Craig Fairbrass.

[This article was originally published on 2 July 2013 at http://news.sky.com/story/1110550/status-quo-debut-fiji-based-action-movie]

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