Sunday, July 28, 2013

NEWS: Christian melodic power-metal band SACRED WARRIOR releases new album "Waiting in Darkness", CD and download

SACRED WARRIOR (USA) in the 1980s
SACRED WARRIOR in modern era
NEWS: Waiting In Darkness CD Preorder CD's will be shipped when available
6 page booklet w/lyrics
11 songs with 9 new tracks and two re-recorded tracks:
"Day of the Lord" and "Temples On Fire"
 USD10.00 + shipping 

Track listing:
Waiting in Darkness
1.   Desperately Wicked
2.   Waiting In Darkness
3.   Sinking Sand
4.   In Dust And Ashes
5.   Fallen Hero
6.   Fear Me
7.   Long Live The King
8.   Jealous Love
9.   Living Sacrifice
10. Day Of The Lord
11. Temples On Fire
BIO: Sacred Warrior is (taken from band website):

Eli Prinsen - LEAD VOCALS
Tony Velasquez - DRUMS
Steve Watkins - BASS/VOCALS

Sacred Warrior is a Christian band that plays melodic, progressive hard rock/metal, often quite reminiscent of Queensryche and Iron Maiden.

The band was formed out of a general market metal band known as Nomad, which formed in 1985. Subsequent to the conversion of guitarist Bruce Swift to Christianity, he lead fellow band members Tony Velasquez and Rey Parra. He also led Rick Macias, who had been a bouncer at a nightclub. Steve Watkins joined the band as bassist in 1988 and Sacred Warrior was formed.

Rick Macias left the band in 1989 and was replaced by John Johnson for the 1989 - 1990 tour. John left the band in 1990.

Joe Petit joined the band in 1991  and continues as keyboardist today.

Sacred Warrior broke up in 1994 and then reformed in 2000 to do a Cornerstone Reunion Show.  Rey moved to Florida and the rest of the guys stayed in Chicago making it difficult to continue writing music. 

SW in the early days
Sacred Warrior re-formed in 2008 and is now touring again.  We are finally putting together what will be one of the heaviest CD's yet. It is hard yet still has the Warrior feel to it and don't be thinking that Sacred Warrior is going to wimp out on the lyrics. We think that today more that ever we need to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the forefront.

Rey Parra Left the Band in 2012 and was replaced by Eli Prinsen.

We are currently recording the music at Gathering Storm Media in Aurora, IL.


1988: Rebellion

1989: Master's Command
1990: Wicked Generation
1991: Obsessions
1993: Classics
2001: Live at Cornerstone 2001

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