Wednesday, July 10, 2013

VIDEO: HYDRO live at Cimahi DeathFest chapter II - "Warbeast legion reborn", 11th May 2013

Legendary Bandung death-metal vocalist Bobby Rock (HYDRO / ex-BLEEDING CORPSE) with Kieran James (Busuk Webzine) in Ujung Berung - Busuk Webzine wishes Bobby very best wishes for his new band HYDRO.

Bobby, Popo, Butche, Man Jasad
Message from HYDRO: HYDRO live at Cimahi DeathFest chapter II - Warbeast legion reborn, 11th May 2013, Disjas-AD, Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia.This is their first documentary live gig video document footage with the new highly anticipated line up since their years in hiatus, comprising Bobby Pamungkas [vocals], Agus Solihin [drum], Dicky Supriyadi [bass], and L. Lukman Nul Hakim [guitar].

Our gratitute credits belong to all hardliner bands supporters especially Vebby Permana, Kancil Jibril, all JIHAD life members crew, Diaz [Disinfected, thank you for the sounds sculpturing on-off the stage], the official of Cimahi DeathFest who has keen their interest to brought us back to the stage, should be more kickin festival further years ahead. God Blast! You Guys. Buper Rock Merch Ltd. for sincere endorsement, Pudzi MadMoron, Popo Puji Kyiudh Ea, Hendrawan Saputra [glad you're out that shitty band], and for those of you who've been supporting the scene by your own wildest effort, long live Indonesia Death Metal scene!

Produced, filmed, and edited by A. Okhi Irawan courtesy Subaltern Inc - The artistry of cooperation.  


Popo (DEMONS DAMN) & Bobby (HYDRO)


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