Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CD REVIEW: Review of BACTEREMIA (Colombia) - "Cerebral Wrong Settings" (PERMEATED Records), By Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews

BACTEREMIA - Cerebral Wrong Settings (PERMEATED Records)

''Cerebral Wrong Settings'' is the first full length album of the sickos from Colombia called Bacteremia! Sebastian Guarin on Vocals, Andres Soto on Guitars, Esteban Cardona on Bass and Andres Penagos on Drums make live Bacteremia and performing a Brutal Death F***ing Metal in a f***ing blasting way! The quartet offer us a completely f***ing killer record from A to Z with the riffs of Andres and Esteban who are totally amazing, f***ing insane and are wonders to the ears, Sebastian with his guttural vocals very f***ing sick but maybe a little bit redundant but don't bore us and finally Andres giving us a f***ing amazing drums performance with his non-stop f***ing blastbeats that make us addicted to ''Cerebral Wrong Settings''! The sound of this f***ing shit is just so f***ing sick and killer, all the instruments sound really f***ing great especially the drums that I enjoyed at the highest point, the mixing is f***ing excellent except maybe the vocals missing a bit of presence, but in general, the production sounds like a f***ing ton of cells exploding in your f***ing brain and is well done at all levels! The album contains nine songs, including one instrumental and obviously the two songs of their Promo 2012, and, I must say that the 29 minutes are really f***ing enjoying and completely f***ing sick in the head with catchy and f***ing killer riffs all over this shit that gives us, in my opinion, a flawless release that will rank among the best! Essential to all f***ing sickers of this damn planet and expect to live a moment more extreme in your life! F***ing Blasterpiece of Shit! 10/10

[originally published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and used with permission.]

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