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INTERVIEW: My interview with PERPETUAL FAITH (Christian thrash-metal from Brazil), 25/8/2013

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Jack Frost1 How are you guys? We are honoured to do this interview with me. Please tell us who you are and what is your band history. 

Wanderson (guitar / vocals, PERPETUAL FAITH): We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this interview and we hope you enjoy our work.
We are a Brazilian  thrash metal 80's band from state of Pará, in the city of Belém. Which began its work in mid-2005, which is characterized by the influence of the thrash bands of the 80s and the Christian theme. has presented at local and national underground scene, and consolidated its presence in many festivals and concerts.
The band is formed by: Aj-bass; rafael - Drums and Wanderson-guitar and vocals.
Our album will be released by Eternal Records of Mexico.

2 What are your main musical influences - bands, vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers? 

Our main influences are the thrash metal bands of the 80s, do not have a direct influence of any specific band but appreciate bands like Exodus, Slayer, Living Sacrifice; Deliverance ... and others.

3 What is your motivation for mixing your Christianity with your metal music?

We believe that every band talks about what he believes, and we believe in salvation through Jesus Christ and nothing better to send that message with what we like to do and that is: playing metal.

4 Tell us more about the scene of metal in Brazil these days?

Since the 80s in Brazil have emerged as major bands: Sepultura; Ratos de Porão; Antidemon; Angra and this has strengthened the scene and showed the quality of the bands worldwide. Nowadays, with the help of the internet scene has grown and many new bands have emerged and achieved national prominence. believe that bands need support to have quality material and thus, show your talent with quality in new places.

5 Why do you like to play thrash instead of more new styles like metalcore or melodic death metal etc? 

Something we have in common is the band good old thrash metal '80s, and each one touches like that, we like to THRASH, is something that runs in our veins. So do not play other newer styles, but we do not have problems or prejudices with bands that play these newer styles, we have been presented with several bands which play since punk, nu metal, metal core and even extreme metal.
We believe that the scene should be united no matter what sound you play from.

6 Who writes the lyrics and what themes do you like to write about? How do you get inspiration? 

Usually I (Wanderson) and Aj, but we like to have the ideas together in compositions of the songs. The inspiration comes from everyday life: the problems of society, violence and especially the holy bible.

7 What are your plans and goals for the band now? 

The release of our album and publicize our work. record a clip and do some presentations in and out of Brazil and dvd recording of our 10 years of band.

8 What jobs or other activities do you guys do outside of the metal scene? 

There is life beyond the metal? (Hahahaha) Each has his private life, his work and private activities. I (Wanderson) am Network Computer Administrator; Rafael works with  computer database; and Aj works in a health company.

9 OK, pick a favourite: black album versus Countdown to Extinction?

Countdown to extinction without doubt. Black album for me, does not sound like Metallica's other albums.

10 Pleasure to Kill (Kreator) versus Bonded by Blood (Exodus)?

Bonded by Blood, Paul Ballof was and will always be the guy from the Bay Area thrash metal.

11 Sepultura, Arise versus Beneath the Remains?

Can I keep the 2 (HAHAHAHA). Two great discs from Sepultura, but I get the Arise!!

12 Iron Maiden, Powerslave versus Number of the Beast?

You're kidding, another big doubts!! We get the energy from the Powerslave album!!

13 Mortification, self-titled versus Scrolls of the Megilloth?

Scrolls fo the Megilloth to mark the death metal scene with this great album, full of speed, blast beats and great songs!

14 Do you know any Indonesian metal bands? In power-metal genre I recommend to you Umbra Mortis from Jakarta and Valerian from Surabaya. 

we do not know yet, but we will appreciate your recommendations and, of course, we like power metal!

15 If you can choose any band in any genre to open up for who would it be?

there are so many bands of various styles, we would like to choose one but, we would like to one day opening for Megadeth!!

OK, thats all, thankyou again!
Greetings to Brazil from all at Busuk Webzine and throughout Indonesia.

Again, we glad to do that interview, and hope for another opportunity.
God Bless you all people, stay metal, stay heavy in Christ.

MORTIFICATION at time of Scrolls of the Megilloth (1992) album - Jayson Sherlock, Mick Carlisle, Steve Rowe.




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