Wednesday, August 7, 2013

REVIEW of: DRAGGING ENTRAILS, "Landfill of the Butchered" (Morbid Generation), by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews, 8 August 2013

Dragging Entrails-Landfill of the Butchered (Morbid Generation)

Martin Funderud (Vocals), Jaymes Grundmann (Vocals), Mats Funderud (Guitars), Larry Overstreet (Bass) and Joseph Carrillo (Drums), a f***ing awesome line-up, which for some, was forced to create a perfect slammistic symbiosis and have not disappointed their fans with their f***ing project called Dragging Entrails! After being forgotten for almost two years, the f***ing long awaited full album "Landfill of the Butchered" finally emerged with 10 songs (1 intro/1 sample) and about 21 f***ing minutes! Obviously with a line-up like this, we can easily guess that Dragging Entrails are in the style Slamming Brutal Death F***ing Metal and they really make it in a f***ing great way! The perfect performance on both vocals (Martin/Jaymes) is really damn enjoying and guttural as f***, Larry is f***ing great on bass, the drums parts of Joseph are mostly slow but f***ing groovy and upping the level of slam in this f***ing shit, and, the guitar riffs are really f***ing awesome and catchy, some may seem a bit less enjoy[able], but the f***ing quality in all slamming riffs of Mat's are very f***ing successful! The production of this release is f***ing great, sound and mixing is very good but a bit less in putting too much the bassdrums in the foreground with a sound a bit poor and removing the full potential of the drums! "Landfill of the Butchered" is f***ing enjoying from start to end and is definitely a f***ing must for all slammers and would be a f***ing shame not to have a copy! Slamdozer of Massive Shit! 9.5/10

[by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews, used with permission]

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