Wednesday, August 21, 2013

REVIEW: Review of: COPROPHAGENCY - - "Parasitic Hunger", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

The one man band Coprophagency reborn from his shit after several years and f***ing shit us his first EP ''Parasitic Hunger'' of 15 minutes including four songs with a cover of Decapitated (Spheres of Madness)! Jeff is doing everything and gives us a Brutal Death F***ing Metal f***ing raw and sick, mixing some melodic parts but in a f***ing insane way with a strong influence to the old school brutality! The riffs are almost all f***ing great, the vocals are f***ing brutal showing the essence of BDM and drums programming, I must say, that for many it is just bad, had to be a fake sound, but for me, I personally found one of the best programming drums that sounds really f***ing sick with a more old school sounding! The production is damn good, the mixing is flawless and the sound is very f***ing good without being perfect, making it a better disc! The album is really f***ing enjoying with riffs, being basic, but stuck in our heads and Jeff did an amazing job on all f***ing levels! Obviously a negative point in this shit is some parts or riffs are a little bit more annoying especially on'' Misanthropic Cannibalism'' but remaining still f***ing excellent and, this f***ing shit remind us of old bands of BDM and make us live again in these f***ing glorious times ! An EP to recommend to all f***ing sick bastard all f***ing around! Great Shit! 8.5/10

[originally published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and used with permission]

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