Monday, August 12, 2013

REVIEW: Review of HUMAN MASTICATION "Driven to Kill" (Pathologically Explicit Recordings), By Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews

Human Mastication-Driven to Kill (Pathologically Explicit Recordings), by Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews
"Driven to Kill" is the f***ing long awaited second full album of the Filipinos Human Mastication and is for fans of Brutal Death F***ing Metal in general, but especially for those who enjoy the Sick Brutal Death with f***ing fast riffs and intense drum parts, nothing of technical, all about the brutality in its rawest form! Human Mastication is composed of Gee with his faithful guttural vocals, Jay with his completely sick riffs of Guitars, Dexter on Bass also doing a really f***ing insane job and Kano on Drums who, as usual, gives us a performance totally f***ing killer! Compared to their first record, it has no or very rarely Slamming or Groovy riffs and is really a CD with a higher level of f***ing extreme brutality, to my ears, than all that they have done before! Almost all riffs are f***ing killer and catchy as f**k but some of them seem a little bit redundant with the Drums and Vocals but nothing of major and that f***ing shit never bored us! ''Driven to Kill'' contains 10 songs, one intro, one instrumental, two songs from their previous EP and Split and six f***ing great new songs that were worth waiting for this amazing bomb of shit! The entire production is f***ing perfect, sound and mixing are greatly well done with no shiny or polished sound and making it a pure f***ing piece of Brutal Death Metal! You need to get this f***ing disk just for the high level of sickness found in this absolutely f***ing awesome shit! Killer F***ing Release! 9.5/10

[originally published at Sick Reviews, used with permission of Andrew Sick.]

HUMAN MASTICATION will appear at Manila Death Fest in support of DISGORGE.

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