Thursday, August 1, 2013

REVIEW: Review of TRAUMATOMY ''Transformation into a Putrid Mass'' by Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews, 1 August 2013

Here's the review of ''Transformation into a Putrid Mass'' from Traumatomy on Sick Reviews page!

Founded in 2012, the Japanese/Russian f***ing band Traumatomy come to us with an EP called "Transformation into a Putrid Mass" with three f***ing songs lasting about 11 minutes! The band is performing Slamming Brutal Death Fucking Metal and you can tell they are faithful in this style and in a f***ing brutal way! The production of this f***ing shit is I think flawless, the mixing and the sound are f***ing killer and it sounds like a ton of sperm falling on the f**ing ass of a prostitute while she sniff f***ing comet, but the drums sound is not very enjoyable! ''Transformation into a Putrid Mass'' is composed of Constantine (Disfigurement of Flesh) on guitars/bass/Drums programming who I think is still doing a good job and Haruka (Gorevent/Medic Vomiting Pus) with a completely f***ing sick guttural vocals who is used to offer us! The damn good thing with this f***ing shit is that all the riffs are very f***ing good, but the problem is that we have already heard all the f***ing riffs many times in other bands of this genre and the CD seems a bit f***ing annoying coz of this point still important! Obviously to fully appreciate this f***ing disk, you need to dont know a lot of things in the Brutal Death F***ing Metal coz there is nothing of new, but in general it's still a very f***ing good EP that deserve attention by all f***ing slammers addicted! F***ing Good Slamming Shit! 8/10
[by Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews, used with permission]

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