Monday, September 9, 2013

CD REVIEWS: Review of JASAD - Rebirth of Jatisunda (Extreme Souls Production), by Andrew Sick, Sick Reviews, 9 September 2013

Jasad-Rebirth of Jatisunda (EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION)

Jasad had accustomed us to the long waits between each album and this one is not different, after 8 f***ing years of waiting for their third album, they are back with a full length entitled ''Rebirth of Jatisunda''! Jasad back with a pure Brutal Death F***ing Metal and adding several elements more Death Metal but keeping their side f***ing fast and extreme! The line-up of the band has not changed much in 15 years, Yuli (Bass/Vocals) doing a f***ing awesome job on Bass and Vocals, Man (Vocals) is good and has, I think this time, a Vocals more Death Metal, Ferly (Guitars) with his really f***ing enjoyable and catchy riffs and has excelled in all f***ing aspects and their new drummer since 2011, Abaz (Kaluman/Undergod/Embalmed) who is totally fucking insane with killer blastbeats and his slower parts very well performed! The production of the disk is f***ing flawless, probably far surpassing their previous works, damn excellent mixing and the sound is f***ing enjoyable but a bit clear and surely related to their side more Death Metal! ''Rebirth of Jatisunda'' is a fucking excellent shit filled with riffs that sticks in our head but that unfortunately have also a few annoying parts making some songs better than others, and for my part, I found the vocals a little bit boring after some time, missing too much f***ing guttural! Despite its weaknesses, Jasad gave us a f***ing piece of shit of a f***ing high quality and is mandatory for all f***ing fans of Death Metal of all kinds! F***ing Enjoying Shit! 8.5/10

[first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and used with kind permission]

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