Monday, September 30, 2013

NEWS: Wong Die (Vokalis) leaves GIRLZEROTH band (Bandung death-metal)

Popo (DEMONS DAMN) interview with Nenx (guitar) and Wong Die (vokalis) (GIRLZEROTH)
I received this news from Wong Die by Facebook message on 30 September 2013:

"Sr, now u can share this news, I'm now not with GIRLZEROTH again. thx. now I would,not thinking about make new band for now. Cz my gitaris and bassis wan to know the true about this problem. now i had finish with my problem in GIRLZEROTH. and i can't seriously again to get a new band".

Read more about GIRLZEROTH in Jack Frost's new book "Struggle Anger Hate in the Indonesian Underground" which you can buy from Anthem Merchandise in Yogyakarta SMS : 0878 1246 7779, Pin : 27FA2AA7 and from Sofyan Hadi of DEATH VOMIT.

Man JASAD, Jack (Busuk Webzine), Nenx, Wong Die
Nenx and Wong Die
Butche (THE CRUEL), Jack, Nenx, Wong DIe
Jack (Busuk Webzine), Nenx, Wong Die, Freedy (Busuk Webzine)
Nenx, Wong Die, Popo

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