Monday, October 14, 2013

INTERVIEW: My interview with VIRULENCY (Spanish brutal death-metal)

KJ1: Hi, can you tell the early history of the formation of your band up to now?
VIR: Virulency was born as a 4-piece but our guitar player left early and our bass player took guitar duties while we looked for a replacement. We recorded our mcd "Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes" and it was released by Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Grotesque Productions and Sevared Records. Some months ago we recorded a 2-song promo and we are working hard to write some more songs to record an album.
KJ2: How is the response of people to your mini album / album / band demos?
VIR: It has been really good, the mcd was distributed on a world level and we released 100 copies of our promo, which are almost gone!
KJ3: What are the most influential band for you?
VIR: I would say Putridity, Disgorge, Enmity, Devourment...
KJ4: What are your future plans with the band?
VIR: We want to play a few more shows this year and write some more songs so we can record an album.
KJ5: Are the songs that you have made using English or another language lyrics?
VIR: English. Not that you're going to understand anything listening to the music, but if you choose to read the lyrics you will get the idea.
KJ6: What are the main themes in your lyrics?
VIR: Sickest stuff possible, our singer watches gore movies and weird porno to get amazing ideas, he neves ceases to impact and shame us.
KJ7: Why do you guys all like to play death-metal music?
VIR: Because it is violent, complex and fun music. Well it should be.
KJ8: When did you first become fans of metal?
VIR: I guess we little kids listed to Motörhead, Pantera and Iron Maiden and felt the call of metal at once.
KJ9: What do you say to people who ask why you play foreign style of music?
VIR: I tell them to gently f*** off.
KJ10: Do the wives and girlfriends of the personnel support what you do?
VIR: Mmmm let's say they understand us, the same way you understand a retarded dude can not think clearly or a dog can't stop chasing its tail.
KJ11: What are the best and worst things about the metal community in your city?
VIR: The metal community in our city is mainly composed of little kids, who spend their lives drinking beer and wearing useless metalcore shirts, and who wouldn't recognize a good metal band unless MTV told them to do it. And it's not going to do it.
KJ12: What plans do you make for the band for the future?
VIR: We will play a few more shows this year and we'll keep writing some more songs so we can record an album.
KJ13: What are your most memorable onstage experiences?
VIR: Going on stage and finding that fortunately, some people have misled their way into our venue.
KJ14: What message have you got for your fans?
VIR: Thanks a lot for your support. Keep supporting extreme music.
KJ15: OK, thank you very much
VIR: You're welcome, thank you for this interview.

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