Tuesday, October 8, 2013

REVIEW: CD review of SWINE OVERLORD - "Anthology of Abomination", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews, 9 October 2013

Swine Overlord-Anthology of Abomination (Gore House Productions) 

Swine Overlord come with their first EP "Anthology of Abomination" including four new f***ing songs plus 1 song from their Demo 2012 (never released) and the eternal f***ing Babykiller cover! Swine Overlord performs a Slamming Brutal Death F***ing Metal well played and still mixing slam and fast riffs very well! The band consist of Will Peplinski (Guitars/Bass), Devin Alford (Vocals/Drums Programming) and these two sickers offers a f***ing good EP remaining f***ing faithful to the Slamming Brutal Death Metal! The production is still f***ing good , mixing is ok and also the sound, but I think it lacks a lot of f***ing brutality, energy and sounds a bit f***ing bland, but still interesting for a first EP from a very young band! Will did a f***ing good job on guitar and bass, giving us f***ing good riffs and adding, unfortunately, some redundant and f***ing boring parts, the guttural vox of Devin is really f***ing good and the drums programming is f***ing well done despite the sound not very good but still f***ing enjoyable! "Anthology of Abomination" is a damn good CD but contains some parts more laborious, some riffs are really f***ing annoying and have already been heard many times, and some back vocals remove a lot of sickness in this CD but despite all that, its still f***ing good and deserves to be heard by all fans of f***ing slam! Good Shit! 8/10
[originally published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and reproduced here with his kind written permission]

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