Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CONCERT REVIEW : Nile played the Manning Bar in Sydney on the 15/11/2013

Nile played the Manning Bar in Sydney on the 15/11/2013, a huge crowd had gathered out the front way before the doors opened. Massive thunder storm had hit just after I got inside. Manning Bar was full maybe about 1500 people in there. I didn’t really get to see the two other bands, New Blood (Aust) and The Faceless (USA). Once the curtains opened, the crowd went crazy, they opened up the set with, Sacrifice Unto Sebek, not much talking in-between songs. The crowed were chanting Nile, in-between songs with plenty of head banging, fits pumping and horns, the crowd had a huge pit that opened up with lots of beer, sweat and bodies flying everywhere, including over the top, all while massive lighting strikes could be seen through the windows. Seems the metal gods had approved of the madness tonight. Nile was amazing and is on top of their game, watching in awe as they played their hearts out. This was the first time I have seen Nile, hoping not the last. Nile played for around 90 minutes of brilliant death metal. Here is the set list as in order. For their amazing set tonight I give them a 10/10. 1. Sacrifice Unto Sebek 2. Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar 3. Kafir 4. Hittiete Dung Incantation. 5. Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame. 6. The Inevitable Deregulation Of Flesh. 7. Supreme Humanism Of Megalomania 8. The Blessed Dead. 9. Howling Of The Jinn. 10. Ithyphallic. 11. Sarcophagus. 12. Lashed To The Slaves Stick. 13. Unas Slayer Of The Gods. 14. Black Seeds Of Vengeance.

(Reviewed by Collin Brophy)

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