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Mumbai based traditional Heavy metal band, Albatross, played on Saturday 26 October 2013 at the Bald Face Stag, Sydney.  They performed with Bastardizer, Disintegrator, Paralysis, Hobbs Angel of Death (headlining).

This was Albatross’ first time touring outside India and we were privileged to attend one of their three shows in the “Wings Down Under” tour to release their new album, “The Kissing Flies”. 

The crowd that attended was varied.  Not many knew much about Albatross before the night started, but they definitely knew them by the end of the night.  Albatross excelled in their performance and were very humbled by the attention and accolades they received.  To say the crowd enjoyed watching Albatross perform would be an understatement. 

The Albatross guys are huge fans of the band “Dio”.  During the set they always play a Dio song, “Holy Diver”, out of respect to the legend. As soon as they started playing, the whole room erupted.  By the end of their set, they had many new fans and friends.

When you consider that there were several big name head lining bands playing on the same night and were within a 20 minute drive from each venue, the turn out for tonight’s gig was excellent.

After their set I asked for a photo with the guys from Albatross.  As soon as we had our photos taken, many other new fans also wanted photos with the guys. Not having seen Albatross before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of their set, I was blown away, as was the crowd that showed up to watch them.

The band played for about 40 minutes and had the crowd’s attention from the very first note played.  I’ll be looking forward for Albatross’ return to the Land Down Under for an encore performance.  Don’t underestimate Albatross … they’re going to “Fly” into metal stardom.

The set list is as follows …

1. Wither/ Among the Cannibals
2. Uncle Sunny At the Tavern
3. In the Lair of Dr. Hex
4. Holy Diver (Dio Cover)
5. The Dining Table
6. Children of the Cloud
7. In the Court of Kuru

(Reviewed by : Collin Brophy)

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