Sunday, November 10, 2013

INTERVIEW: My interview with EKKLESIA (Christian progressive / death-metal from Costa Rica)

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Jack Frost1: Hi mate first can you can introduce yourself and your band for the readers -  
Juan: Well I am Juan Cortes singer and guitarist from Ekklesia a Christian death metal progressive band from Costa Rica, Andres Castro (guitar) and Angel Loaiza (bass) are also in the band, we are searching for a drum player right now so we don´t have! Jajaja. 
JF2: What made you first get interested in metal music and why did you start this band? 
Juan: like in many cases, we start in high school following a dream, passing by the time, we focus on Christ and what the Spirit says, and we felt that is necessary a Christian band different of what already exist, is another way to see the things of this world, with metal in our veins. 
JF3: What is your metal genre and is true you are changing genres now? - 
Juan: We have a deathcore/metalcore demo recorded in my house, with a underground sound jaja but is understandable in terms of I'm listening, so this year we take the decision to be death metal progressive, with big influence by opeth and gojira, impending doom and many bands around the world jajaja but the first influence is the Holy Spirit because is the one that gave us all the ideas and stuff!. 
JF4: What is your view on being a Christian in the metal scene? - 
Juan: Is a ambient totally difficult because people don't want to hear about Jesus and His message, so we don't search wash any brain, just share his love and what he can do with your life if you decide follow him. 
JF5: What is the scene like in your country now, both secular and Christian?
Juan: The most difficult is the Christian scene because most of all there are many hardcore bands and don't support other genres, that is the reason why we want to play in the secular scene, but very good bands like Raising The Fallen, Faithful and True, Reforma Protestante, etc. And in the secular scene is totally different, they support almost all the bands in the country, so is comfortable and a good way to start, there is a lot of good bands too like Pneuma, Sight Of Emptiness, Times Forgotten, etc.
JF6: what are your goals and dreams for the band? - 
Juan: The first is worship before the fame and glory, and let the world know what Jesus says in spiritual terms, musically seek a unique sound and is something difficult to achieve with many bands in the world, play in some of the most importants events of metal (W.O.A, Rock Am Ring, Bloodstock, etc) we want to hunt the big ones! 
JF7: Tell me your favourite - Iron Maiden or Judas Priest? - 
Juan: Oh! I would say Judas Priest because is more heavy. 
JF8: Exodus or Slayer? 
Juan: - I don´t like any jajaja but I choose Slayer!!
JF9: Gamma Ray or Helloween>? - 
Juan: This is the most difficult! is like choose a ferrari or a lambo, I would say Helloween but close enough Gamma Ray! Hail pumpkins!!! 
JF10: Number of the Beast or Powerslave? 
Juan: - The number of the beast
JF11: Master of Puppets or Reign in Blood or Peace Sells? - 
Juan: Master of Puppets. 
JF12: Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford or Ronnie James Dio? 
Juan: - Dear Lord!!! Another one!!! Definitely Dio! (R.I.P) 
JF13: Have you any message for Indonesian metalheads?
Juan: We send a big hello to everyone! and we hope you like our music and really hope see you all someday! blessings to everyone! 
JF: Thankyou vey much for this interview.
[Band contact:]
[Note: Thanks also to Christian Thrash Metal Alliance Facebook Group which is where I met Juan - Jack Frost.]

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