Thursday, November 28, 2013

NEWS : COSMIC INFUSION released new EP 2013

Mumbai based black metal band, “Cosmic Infusion” formed in 2003 and went on hiatus in 2007, due to band members family commitments, then reformed in 2012.  The band plays a mix of symphonic black metal.
2013 brought about the bands self titled EP, “Cosmic Infusion”, which includes the songs, “Acronyical Eloge”, “Burial of thy own”, “Journey”, “Gothika” and “Crepheus – Bringer of the end”.
I initially came across CI about six months ago, but didn’t take much notice for whatever reason.  More recently, I sat down and actually listened to the music and the lyrics.  I found that the more I listened the more I was blown away.  The bands time apart has been good for them and helped them to mature and refine their style - a style which is blood chilling and exciting to listen to. 
CI is so refreshing to listen to.  It’s not like listening to other black metal bands, which can sometimes be repetitive and a little boring after a while.  The band has a way of incorporating the keyboards which bring an eerie and exciting feel to the music.  I happened to be listening to the album when I was driving to work early one morning when it was dark and very foggy.  The music was so eerie driving through the fog it scared the “shit” out of me!
This EP has something for everyone.  It has raw black metal vocals as well clean, parts of songs have speaking rather than singing.  The combination of the vocals, as well as the genius of keyboards, drums, guitars and bass, make this EP and the future of this band one to listen to and respect.  In some aspects, Cosmic Infusion are definitely trying a lot harder to please the masses of metal listeners, than some of the “bigger” bands headlining today.
I think the song, “Journey”, is probably my favourite because it blends fantastic vocals, lyrics and music, and has an eerie feel to it, that sends shivers down my spine and sends my imagination to all sorts of creepy places.
Band members, Amnish (Guitar), Nakul (Guitar), Amey (Bass Guitar), Sushan (Vocals & Keyboards) and Nandan (Drums) have done extremely well to produce such a great EP.
I found this EP difficult to review because I really couldn’t find fault in it.  It’s one of the best black metal albums I’ve heard in a long, long time.  In my opinion, this EP ranks up there with the best.  If you like “Dimmu Borgir” then you’ll love these guys.  I’m really looking forward to listening to a full album in the future and seeing these guys live in the “Land Down Under”.  I would give them a 10 / 10 but I’m always sceptical of people who issue perfect scores but this definitely comes close.

(Reviewed by Collin Brophy)

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