Saturday, December 7, 2013

CD REVIEWS : Albatross - “The Kissing Flies” EP, By Collin Brophy

Albatross - “The Kissing Flies” EP
Mumbai-based traditional heavy metal quintet, Albatross, is a band that combines bone-chilling stories with bone-crushing metal. The bands’ members consist of Biprorshee Das – Vocals, Vignesh- Guitars, Nishith- Guitars, Jay Thacker – Drums and Dr. Hex- Fretless Bass.
Albatross released their new EP, “The Kissing Flies” on 20 June 2012 but didn’t hit the Australian shores until 2013.  Songs on the EP are Whither, Uncle Sunny at the Tavern, Kissing Flies and From Ashes Comes Life.
I wasn’t really to sure what to expect from this EP, as I had only heard a couple of songs from their previous EP, “Dinner Is You” (2010) and didn’t know a great deal about the band.  Listening to the songs and music was like being submerged into an amazing piece of musical art. I was blown away by each track. I was amazed by the wide range of vocals by Biprorshee, who demonstrated how unbelievably talented his vocals are. The drums, guitars and bass are all amazing and combined with the vocals, make this a really enjoyable album to listen to. “The Kissing Flies” EP would have be one of my favourite EP’s. It’s difficult to find a favourite song as they are all brilliant. The EP plays for approximately 28 minutes.

The sound on this EP is very unique and rare.  The genre is difficult to describe as it combines several styles, such as power metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, blended with the traditions of Indian culture and stories.  Albatross have discovered a sound of their own that has the ability to send blood curdling shivers down one’s spine while being entertaining.  While their first EP, “Dinner Is You” is a very good EP, “The Kissing Flies” has really stepped up and proved that the guys can write, perform and excel on a whole other level.  I for one can’t wait for their new album when it comes out in the near future.

Listening to this EP has opened my eyes.  Thanks to Albatross, I am now listening to new bands with similar sounds and vocals. It doesn’t matter what genre of metal you are into, I think you will enjoy this. I have converted a few mates into new Albatross fans. I was lucky enough to have met the guys when they played in Sydney recently, and lucky enough to have them sign my copy of the album.

Albatross “The Kissing Flies” are definitely in my top 5 albums this year.  Expect big things in the future from Albatross … they’re the ones to watch.
(Reviewed by Collin Brophy)

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