Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CONCERT REVIEW: SPIRITUAL HEALING, a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, Bald Face Stag, Sydney, 13/12/2013, by Collin Brophy

Spiritual Healing : A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner AT The Bald Face Stag Friday 13th December.

Commemorating the legacy left behind by the godfather of death metal, founder of DEATH, come together for this one night only event paying tribute to the life of Chuck Schuldiner. Spiritual Healing will be playing a whole set of DEATH covers

Spiritual Healing : Shayne (Norse), Elias (Exekute) , George( Exekute/Fenrir) , Corey (Inslain/Starforge) Mike (Paralysis) -11.30-12.30
Exekute - 10.35 - 11.10
Internal Nightmare (VIC) -9.40 - 10.20
Dead-Life - 8.45 -9.20
War Of Attrition - 7.50 -8.25
Doors Open -7.30

War Of Attrition set list is as follows… War of Attrition, Unleash the Chainsaw, and Unleash the Chainsaw 2, Planetary Annihilation, Dead, and Armageddon. These guys were bloody fantastic, it was a brutal set with an all out blaze of death metal. No real fanfare, just get in get out assault. These guys are well worth checking out.

Dead-Life set list is as follows… Anal Fist, Heather, Undisciplined Whore, Torched, Brick Suicide, Head Stomp, Rape The Dead -  these guys were angry, violent and pissed off from start to finish, the guys are straight up in your face death metal with no mercy for anyone caught in their sights.

Internal Nightmare…- These guys were straight out f**in crazy, it was a high energy and intense. They did a cover of Sepultura’s Arise, which went down really well with the crowd. Definitely a band to look out for and definitely check these crazy Melburnians out.

This will be Exekute's last show with the original lineup. Exekute set list is as follows…Doomsday Mourning, Necrotic Debauchery, Crucified by Christ,
Spawn of Hatred, Razorblade Colonoscopy, Fleshfeast Deathfist, Sledgehammer Symmetry, Genetic Monstrosity x3, and Maggotized. Exekute were absolutely f***in insane, crazy, fast and furious death metal at its finest. The pit for Exekute was amazing, sweat, beers and tears, especially after one clown tried to pick a fight with security, the chick in charge actually had pulled the plug (get it!) on Exekute's set, walked on stage and told everyone to settle the f*** down. The crowd was chanting "Exekute, Exekute", and then once the power was restored, the place erupted, there were mosh pits, circle pits, and even a wall of death. Unfortunately  this is the last time that Exekute will play with this line up, as a couple of the guys are leaving and I for one felt privileged to witness this, their last gig together. 

Spiritual Healing set list is as follows…Leprosy, The Philosopher, Bite The Pain, Trapped In A Corner, Evil Dead, Misanthrope, Living Monstrosity, Crystal Mountain, Zombie Ritual and Pull The Plug…These guys were absolutely brilliant, I have never had the opportunity before to hear any of Death’s music live, well that was until tonight. This was an intense, energetic and down and out furious. There were bodies flying everywhere, I even wore a couple of full cups of cold beer on me. It was a privileged to have witnessed this amazing and brilliant set. This was more of a celebration of what Death and Chuck had done for metal and the metal community than the passing of this godfather of death metal. This is one night I will never forget. The crowd loved every minute of this set. Even after they had finished, there was still people wanting more, but it was not to be [by Collin Brophy for Busuk Webzine].

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