Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVD REVIEW: Review of KREATOR DVD "Dying Alive", by Collin Brophy, 2 December 2013

Songs in Order.

Intro: Mars Mantra,
Phantom Antichrist
From Flood To Fire
Enemy Of God
Hordes Of Chaos
Civilization Collapse
Voices Of The Dead
Extreme Aggression
People Of The Lie
Death To The World
Endless Pain
Pleasure To Kill
Intro 2 - The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
United in Hate
Flag Of Hate

1 X DVD, 2 X CD’s Blu Ray Edition.

The veterans of the thrash machine known as KREATOR return with an amazing DVD set in their hometown of Oberhausen, Germany and recorded on December 22, 2012. The whole sold out show was filmed by 24 cameras, including “guitar cam” and “mosh-pit cams”.

The DVD / Blu-Ray contains footage of the whole Oberhausen concert, a behind-the-scenes documentary as well as video clips.  The DVD runs for approximately 115 minutes.

The opening of show had a huge canvas at the back of the stage; it shows phrases and lyrics from Kreators’s songs, and other images. Then when the see through screen falls down the whole crowd go’s completely crazy. Once the intro Mar Mantra is finished they go straight into Phantom Antichrist, I would have loved to have been right there in the pit with the rest of the crazy meatheads.

I saw Kreator back in Sydney in 2009, they blew me away then, so I was expecting the same, but this is Kreator at their very best. This is the closest I have had to see them since I saw them in Sydney, and I wasn’t disappointed either. This would have to be one of best live metal DVD’s I have seen.

The pyrotechnics and lighting are amazing, plus add the smoke machine and it all adds up you one hell of an awesome DVD. The pits are sick, sweaty crazy metal heads all being there for the one simple reason, they enjoy what Kreator has to offer which is brilliant thrash metal. The camera shots are brilliant, every angle and area is covered. The band and crowd interactions is what it should be, sing along and having lots of fun.

The biggest highlights for me were Phobia, Extreme Aggression, People Of The Lie, Violent Revolution, and Flag Of Hate, all the old classics and some of the new ones. Actually the whole DVD is just amazing. With so many different camera angels, you don’t miss any of the action. I was lucky enough to have watched the Blu ray Edition on a huge TV, at times it felt like I was actually at the show. This is one of those DVD’s that you wished that you were there. From start to finish I loved every moment of this DVD. This is definitely one metal DVD to get for you collection [by Collin Brophy for Busuk Webzine]

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