Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PICTURE GALLERY: VALERIAN (Surabaya power-metal) acoustic gig at Accounting Conference, Universitas Brawijaya Malang

Busuk Webzine concert rating: 10/10, very powerful and emotional performance, the crowd was thrilled, so much energy from just acoustic and seated positions, awesome veteran vocalist - rough gravel voice full of the sound of struggle, he can hit the high notes too The vocalist is one big reason why this band is special. Average vocalists can limit a power-metal band from reaching top-place (just look at Saxon hmmm)
VALERIAN band with friends and Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine)
Jack Frost hanging out with Soekarno and Hatta in Malang City - Soekarno was a metalhead / Hatta was a punk...

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