Monday, January 27, 2014

EP REVIEW: The Gardnerz “Exiting Reality” (EP), by Collin Brophy

The Gardnerz is a made up of four talented guys from the south of Sweden.  Their own style of Death/Doom metal incorporates many other influences into their music to make them stand out from any other Death/Doom metal band.  You will be taken on a musical roller coaster of emotions while listening to this unique album.
Members are Niclas Ankarbranth (VANDÖD, D.JOSEF BAND) – Vocals.
Wilhelm Lindh (ex-TRISTITIA) – Guitar.
Francisco Martín (INNER SANCTVM, SACRAMENTO) – Bass.
Vedran Benčić – Drums.
The Gardnerz officially formed in 2008 by Wilhelm Lindh and was later joined by Francisco Martín. Juan Pablo, a friend of Francisco, was brought in to play the drums, and after searching for the right vocalist, they found Niclas Ankarbranth. This is around the time they started to write their debut album.
The Gardnerz inked a deal with Abyss Records in 2010. The band's debut album, "The System Of Nature", was released in early 2011. The album was mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound studio. The Gardnerz released just last year, the EP “Exiting Reality”.  This is a 2 song EP which lasts less than 12 minutes long.  The songs are Exiting Reality Pt.1 and Exiting Reality Pt.2. When listening to this EP, you can picture the struggles of man kind and his surroundings and how he deals with those struggles.
The guitar work on this EP is just amazing.  It blends fast, slow and drawn out riffs, that just seem to fit in so well with the great sound of the bass and the insane drumming.  The band members are so in tuned with each other, they all seem to just flow, into what has created such an epic EP. The vocals are way out there, from very clean, right down to the evil sounds of the deathly / brutal vocals.
Even though this is a 2 song EP, it makes up for it artistically and lyrically. The lyrics take you into a very dark place were you feel there is no recovering, then out of the blue there is this shining bright light that gives you hope and strength to fight your way back and survive from what ever is trying to hold you back or down. The music fits the lyrics perfectly. I honestly don’t think they could have done anything to make this any better. It’s exactly what’s it’s meant to be … Death / Doom Metal.  
The Gardnerz have done an extremely brilliant job with this EP, and they should be very proud for making an EP, that’s not only amazing, but very different in so many ways, with so many different elements of metal all combined into one EP.  I would be very interested in seeing these guys live if they ever visit Australia.

Published by Collin Brophy

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