Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CONCERT REVIEW: Rise of Avernus (Venue: The Bald Face Stag, Saturday 7/12/2013) by Collin Brophy

I had only arrived at the Rise of Avernus gig about 10 minutes prior to ROA starting.  They were still setting up their gear, lucky me. It was good to see that I wasn’t the only "Metal Enthusiast" who had done a runner from one gig at The Manning Bar to The Stag to see this gig.

It was a very special night as ROA played their debut album L’Appel Du Vide from start to finish and I for one was really looking forward to seeing this.

When you consider that there were a few big name head lining bands playing on the same night and were within a 20 minute drive from each venue, the turn out for tonight’s gig was around 30 people.

From the opening title, A Triptych Journey, right trough to As Soleness Recedes, it was 45 minutes of amazing Doom metal. The vocals were amazing live, from the soft calming vocals from Cat, to the frightening and haunting vocals from both, Ben and Daniel.

The arrangements of the keyboard, drum, bass, guitar and saxophone, yes saxophone, were just brilliant live. To hear the live version of Embrace The Mayhem was truly a wonderful experience.  The saxophonist did a tremendous job.  Never in my life would have I ever though of using a saxophone in metal, but to produce this live, just left me speechless.

ROA would have to be one of the best, if not THE best Doom metal bands in Australia. This is easily one of their best gigs that I have seen, and I have been to a few. Their performance live is electric.  Well done to all members of ROA. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for ROA in 2014.

Band members:
Matthew Bell - Guitar & Orchestral arrangements
Andrew Craig - Drums & Percussion
Cat Guirguis - Vocals & Keyboard
Ben Vanvollenhoven - Vocals & Guitar
Daniel Warrington - Bass & Vocals

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