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INTERVIEW: "In Hydes Shadow" (11/12/2013) by Collin Brophy

Q. Hi. How are you guys going? Thanks for the opportunity for this interview guys. Any new news on the “In Hydes Shadow” front, gig wise.

A. It’s a crazy time for us at present, and we are loving every minute of it! Due to our style, we are getting some very diverse key support gigs, which is great. We only hit the scene in January 2013, and have played support for 28 Days, Twelve Foot Ninja, and 2014 Soundwave artist Nancy Vandal. Recently just shared the stage with I Killed The Prom Queen, Aversions Crown, Make Them Suffer, As Silence Breaks and some killer local bands.
Next gig on the agenda is with Melbourne bands Kingswood & Calling All Cars, 2nd January in Sydney.

Q. How did you guys met? How do you guys get along, with so many different musical influences, and how does that reflect in you playing style?

A. Aaron (Vocals) had just split from his former band, and put the word out to local musicians on the coast – looking to form a heavier band. Once Jack Marr (Guitarist) came on board, he brought with him, Lachlan Campbell (Bass) and Jared Lean (Drums). Basically like many other bands, we got into a studio, jammed it out and everything just gelled. It’s great we all have diverse taste in music, as it shows in our style, therefore landing us some very different support shows, exposing the band to many different genres.

Q. What was it like play Noisefest 2013 Pool Party as the one on the Central Coast? What was it like being on the same stage as some of those awesome Australian Bands, such as, As Silence Breaks, Make Them Suffer, Aversions Crown and I killed The Prom Queen, just to mention a few?

A. Incredible! These are amazing bands, and we are very privileged to have been given to opportunity to share the stage with these guys. It was also a privilege to play with some awesome local talent, and catch up with our mates. Hoping that Noisefest is one of those festivals that grows & grows each year, giving local bands on the Central Coast / Sydney / Newcastle an opportunity to expose their raw talent.

Q. How has your EP, Insomniatic, being received by the fans? Any feedback from the fans on the EP?

A. Been getting some awesome feedback from which is greatly appreciated; we wanted our first release to showcase our style, and show that not all our songs sound the same!
Its great to finally get it out there, as we are gathering more interest from our live shows now, which I believe is our strength, and people are keen to hear what we have in stall. We have finished prepping for our next EP which we are going to record and release in 2014. The title is “Burn City” and we are hanging to get this one out there. It’s along the same style as “Insomniatic” but with some darker, heavier tunes.

Q. What kinds of things inspire musically and lyrically? Are there any types of themes that you like to write and incorporate in to you music? Is there any message in your music that you are trying to get out there in your music?

A. We are inspired by many artists that surround us, which have a huge influence on our music and style. We use our music as a platform to express feelings from life events that has affected us in some shape or form. I suppose the message that we try to relay to our fans, is that no matter what happens in life, there is always someone there to support you, and to help you move forward, and become stronger as life moves on. There is a dark side to our music, but with a positive message to boot.

Q. Do all of the band members have a say in the writing process of the music and lyrics?

A. Yes - Jack, Lachlan and Jared basically lay the tunes down, and we all have a say on how we finally structure the song. When writing, our songs chop and change constantly till we get the feeling it all fits. Its crazy but it works.
Aaron writes all the lyrics, and runs them past all band members – he lets the band know what he is writing about, and gets everyone’s input accordingly. Each song has a story behind it which is cool. 

Q. How do you find the local metal scene? Be it Sydney, the Central Coast or Newcastle?

A. Its quite variable at present, very up and down…..
Sydney is propping up thanks to venues like Venom (Agincourt Hotel), SFX, Hot Damn, and Club Fvck. Newcastle is always pumping and supportive of hard rock / metal. The Central Coast was great a few years ago, but a few key venues have closed down due to noise complaints etc, which in turn has hurt the live music scene. There are a few booking agents hard at work at present trying to revive this, and its slowly getting better.

Q. So what does the future hold for In Hydes Shadow?

A. Hopefully big things and a tour through Indonesia if our music is accepted there!!
We are planning to release our 2nd EP early 2014, and land as many key supports shows with bands we look up to and admire – this is great for us as we get to share the stage with our idols, and expose our music to new fans. We are planning to tour the EP up and down the East Coast of Australia, and anywhere else that will take us on board.

Q. Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future with In Hydes Shadow.

A.  No problems at all, thanks for thinking of us; much appreciated
Hoping we might be able to get some new fans on board, so we can sort a few shows in Indonesia. We would be stoked to make the venture! Cheers,
From In Hydes Shadow.

Band members: 
Aaron Smith (VOX) 
Jack Marr (GTs) 
Lachlan Campbel (BASS) 
Jared Lean (DRUMS). 

Interview conducted by Collin Brophy 

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